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Why did Trump lose to Biden? These three reasons are the final answer

Why did Trump lose to Biden? These three reasons are the final answer

by YCPress

Why did Trump lose to Biden? These three reasons are the final answer

The ups and downs of the U.S. election is really full of plot from the beginning of voting!

With the continuous counting of mailed votes, Trump’s advantage has been eroded a little bit! Although Trump is still engaged in various struggles, what tricks he can do to seek a comeback in the future, in the end, we still cannot make absolute judgments, because Trump is too good at tossing, and this The plot of the vote counting in the second general election was too ups and downs.

Considering the extreme attributes of Trump supporters, and considering the characteristics of Trump’s work, what kind of choice he makes, this is not yet fully judged by us, so we cannot prematurely elect the US election. In the end, whoever wins makes an accurate judgment.

However, although the final president of the United States cannot be absolutely confirmed, it is an objective fact that Trump lost the vote to Biden.

We know that Trump has won the Republican candidacy early, and even Biden has been unable to challenge Trump at all. Biden’s age, weak impression, and position on the next four years of governance are objective. Trump could not be defeated on the previous stage. Everyone believed that Trump’s re-election was a certainty, but in the end it was the same result.

So, what caused Trump to fall short?

In Zhanhao’s view, Trump lost to Biden mainly in three aspects:

Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump ultimately lost the election campaign against Biden, the core reason is the Coronavirus pandemic. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Biden had no opportunity to challenge Trump at all. Under normal circumstances, if it had not been for Coronavirus pandemic, Trump had now been re-elected.

So why did Trump lose to Coronavirus pandemic? According to Zhanhao, there are two fundamental reasons:

First, the Trump administration did not talk about science to politicize Coronavirus pandemic as early as possible. It is completely shooting itself in the foot.

After China took the lead in reporting Coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan, the United States immediately politicized the pandemic, tried to use the Coronavirus pandemic to cut off China’s industrial chain with other countries, and began to attack China politically. As a result, China had to fight the pandemic while fighting with the United States.

However, the U.S. politicizing the pandemic is not only aimed at China diplomatically, but also politicized itself. The U.S. government does not take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously and does not carry out effective control at all. The U.S. government’s largest investment in the fight against the pandemic is not In the fight against the pandemic itself, it is aimed at the financial investment market. As President, Trump is completely indifferent to Coronavirus pandemic, and even thinks that Coronavirus pandemic is just a big cold. Such a misunderstanding and such an attitude will ultimately be the inevitable result of being taught by Coronavirus.

If the United States did not politicize the Coronavirus, but viewed it objectively and cooperated with China to fight the pandemic, with the comprehensive national strength of the United States, it would not be particularly difficult to control the pandemic. Learning from China’s experience as early as possible, people wearing masks early, the country quickly established an anti-pandemic command system, and speeded up testing to achieve all receivables and cures. It is believed that the outbreak of the pandemic in the United States will not be so uncontrollable, and it will not be harmful to the economy and society. With such a big impact, Trump will not lose his re-election.

Second, it completely misjudged the power of the new coronavirus and its impact on the economy and society. Trump not only politicized the pandemic, but also completely misjudged the power of Coronavirus and its economic and social impact.

The infectious power of Coronavirus is too strong, which was unexpected at first, but China was the first to objectively analyze the situation and consider the worst. The Chinese government immediately listened to the opinions of top experts and made a decision including the closure of the city. The head of state is in charge of major strategic decisions to fight the pandemic with all the power of the country. In the end, the pandemic in China was brought under control in just over two months.

However, the Trump administration does not speak science at all and completely politicizes the pandemic. At first, the Trump administration wanted to use the pandemic as a political tool to attack China. Later, in order to avoid being attacked by competitors, it tried to cover up the truth. As a result, the pandemic broke out soon. However, this has directly led to the paralysis of the American society and economy, the collapse of the economy, the disorder of social operations, and the large number of infections and deaths that have dealt a heavy blow to Trump’s popularity, his approval rate plummeted, and he ultimately failed in the general election. The pandemic has caused Trump to lose the support of at least two groups of people, one is the elderly, who originally supported Trump 4 years ago, this year most people will refuse to support Trump due to the Coronavirus pandemic; the other is Young people, Trump’s attitude has allowed more young people to join the ranks of anti-Trump, and eventually lost more votes for these people.

Imagine that the pandemic has raged the United States as it is now. Trump still almost won the votes for Biden. Compared with 2016, there were more votes supporting him, which is probably 7 million more. This actually fully shows that, If there is no Coronavirus, Trump will definitely have a big advantage for reelection. Of course, practice has proved that Trump’s political virus is still beyond Coronavirus.

Campaign strategy

There are various signs that Trump’s campaign strategy has made serious mistakes. Where is the mistake?

In Zhanhao’s view, it is also related to the pandemic. He underestimated the impact of the pandemic on the election. Of course, he underestimated the impact of the change in voting rules on the election.

For a long time, Trump and the Republican Party have told voters to go to the polling station to vote. This is the tradition of the Republican Party. On the contrary, the Democratic Party advocates that voters vote in advance and vote in advance by mailing ballots. It is this difference that makes us see that in this ballot statistics, in the states with more mailed votes, Trump was initially far ahead, but when the mailed votes began to be counted, Trump was overtaken by Biden.

So why are so many people mailing ballots? There are two reasons:

One is the cause of Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to be reluctant to vote on the spot, so there are definitely more mailed votes than in previous years, and voters who support the Democratic Party will tend to mail votes.

Second, in response to Coronavirus, the US voting system has changed. There are about a dozen states in the United States that have unprecedentedly mailed ballots directly to voters’ homes instead of applying to get votes. The effect of mailing ballots directly to voters’ homes is that it is easier for everyone to vote more actively. Even some states did not support mailing ballots at all in the past, and this year they agreed because of Coronavirus pandemic.

In this way, the cost of obtaining votes and voting by American voters is lower and more convenient. They only need to fill in the ballots and drop them in the mailbox. They don’t even need to go to the post office and throw them directly into the ballot box of the nearby polling point to complete the vote. Mailing ballots greatly enhances the convenience of voters to vote. This has two effects: one is to greatly increase this year’s turnout rate, and the other is to allow Democratic supporters who are unwilling to take the risk of queuing to vote more actively, and they support worship Of course, voters who have boarded will be able to post more votes in advance.

Those who support Trump are on the contrary. Trump and the Republican Party have always advocated on-site voting, but on-site voting will obviously reduce the turnout of Republican voters. The reason is simple. On the day of voting, the voters may be sick, personally important, or other things. The reasons may cause voters to miss voting on that day.

Voters who support Biden have increased Biden’s vote rate because of the large number of mailed votes in advance, while Trump has reduced the vote rate because of his support for on-site voting. This increase or decrease will cause the vote gap to emerge.

But in fact, in several key states, Biden’s votes are all coming from behind and are only slightly more than Trump. This means that if Trump supports mail-in votes as early as Biden, he may not lose some votes he shouldn’t lose, and he may win Biden.

Of course, Trump also wants to speculate and want to invalidate the mailed ballots and win the speculation. Therefore, he has always said that mailed votes are suspected of fraud during the campaign. He has repeatedly emphasized that he should vote on the spot instead of mailing votes, which greatly misled voters. And eventually lost some votes.

The voting rules have changed, and Trump’s campaign strategy has not changed. As a result, the reality hit Trump and the Republican Party in the face. It is foreseeable that the Republican Party will definitely adjust its campaign strategy in the next presidential election.

US Foreign policy

Trump’s foreign policy is too selfish, including his attitude towards international organizations and his allies. This has caused the US’s global influence to decline rapidly. Under such circumstances, not only the Democratic elites in the United States opposed many of Trump’s policies, but also many people within the Republican Party opposed Trump’s policies.

In the American academic circles, there are also many people who can’t understand Trump and oppose Trump’s policies. In addition, Trump’s relationship with many states is also very poor, including some Republican states that he has offended. This result has caused too many people to voice their opposition to him. At the same time, the governors of many states have clearly opposed Trump, which has a greater negative impact on Trump’s election.

In the past four years, Trump has offended both those who should offend and those who should not. In this case, he encountered Coronavirus pandemic, which caused him a serious blow, and made mistakes in the election strategy. In the end, he was a little bit worse than Biden in the general election. This is really a bit of an indifferent taste. . Objectively speaking, if these things weren’t all put together, Trump would really not be killed, but Coronavirus pandemic fell from the sky, and as a result, the “chosen son” was also wiped out by Coronavirus pandemic!

Of course, now that everything has not settled, we still need to continue to observe what weird things Trump will do. But in any case, this at least proves that some of Trump’s previous major strategies really failed! People shouldn’t be too ego, too lawless!