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YCNews established in November 2015 under PeopleDailynews.

Unique Expertise

YCNews.com has developed in parallel with Global News Site.

We are totally independent, and we didnt follow any country or any government.

form the core of the earliest team reporting from abroad, with special correspondents of diplomatic missions in over 121 countries and territories, reporting news from all over the world in English languages, fast and accurately.

Because many years of experiences and hard work to provide international information makes us the first international news source audience, international observers, political analysts, different business men and women, overseas travelers and students worldwide. Our audience has made as ycnews.com what it is today and we will continue, stronger and more powerful than ever, to meet the highest challenges and expectations the future has to offer.

International Reach

As a centralized network of comprehensive news media, ycnews strives for timely, objective, authoritative and independent coverage of news and information, to offer the best quality of online exclusive informational content, using a complete array of visual,audio tools, to fully satisfy english language web users in their experience and access to international news.

for more details or copyright issue please contact us here.

Copyright Issue

most of our photos from online media’s and we always keep a note about copyright provider, if dont agree. please provide that you are the owner and we will change it quick.

for our exclusive photos, you can freely use. but leave the description as our source thats enough.


If you want to post with us an exclusive organic content please send it to info@ycnews.com