Home Politics How the US presidential candidate concedes his defeat with dignity: the full text of McCain’s 2008 defeat speech
How the US presidential candidate concedes his defeat with dignity: the full text of McCain's 2008 defeat speech

How the US presidential candidate concedes his defeat with dignity: the full text of McCain’s 2008 defeat speech

by YCPress

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Thank you, thank you, my friends. Thank you for being here on such a beautiful Arizona night.

My friends, we have, we have reached the end of the journey. The American people have already spoken, and they speak very clearly.

Just now, I was honored to call Senator Obama to congratulate him.

Congratulations on his election as the next president of this country we all love.

In such a long and difficult campaign, his success alone is enough to make me pay tribute to his ability and perseverance. But he succeeded in arousing the hope of millions of Americans, which I deeply admire and praise. These people mistakenly believed in the past that they had no influence in the presidential campaign and the results had nothing to do with them.

I have always believed that the United States gives opportunities to all who are diligent and determined to seize opportunities. Obama also believes this.

This is a historic election. I realize the special significance of tonight for African Americans. It is a night for them to be proud of.

But both of us also realized that even though our past injustices are far away from us. But those memories that have tarnished our country’s reputation and prevented some Americans from enjoying the rights of all citizens still have the power to hurt others.

A century ago, President Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt) invited Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House, which angered many people. (Note: Booker Washington is an African American)

The United States today is completely different from the era full of cruelty and ugly prejudice. The election of an African-American president is the best proof.

Let all Americans be grateful that they have the nationality of the greatest country in the world.

Senator Obama has achieved a great thing for himself and this country. I applauded him and expressed my deep sympathy for the grandmother who loved him for not seeing everything today before she died. Although our beliefs convince us that she has found rest in her Creator, she must be very proud of raising such a good person.

Senator Obama and I had many differences, and we argued about it, and he won. There is no doubt that many of these differences still exist.

Our country is in a difficult period. I promised him tonight that I will use all my strength to help him lead us to the challenge.

I urge all Americans who support me to join me, not only to congratulate him, but also to show our sincerity and best efforts to find the necessary compromises that will allow us to resolve differences together and help rebuild our prosperity. To protect our safety in a dangerous world, while leaving our children and grandchildren with a stronger and better country than we inherited.

No matter what our differences are, we are all Americans. Believe me, this is more important to me.

Quite naturally, I will be disappointed tonight. But tomorrow, we must get rid of disappointment and work together to make the country move forward.

We fought-fought as hard as we could. Although we failed, it was my failure, not your failure.

I am deeply grateful for your support and everything you have done to me. I hope the result will be different, my friends.

The road has been difficult from the beginning, but your support and friendship have never wavered. I cannot properly express my debt to you.

I want to especially thank my wife Cindy, my children, my dear mother and my family, and many old friends, who always supported me in this long campaign, no matter the current situation is good or bad.

I have always been a lucky person, and I have never been more fortunate than the love and encouragement you give me.

As you know, the election process may be more sad for the candidate’s family than for the candidate himself, and this is also true for this election.

The compensation I can offer is my love and gratitude and the promise of peaceful years to come.

I am also very grateful to Governor Sarah Palin, one of the best candidates I have ever seen, for bringing new reform voices and our strong creed to the Republican Party. Thanks to her husband and five beautiful children for their tireless hard work, courage and grace during the bumpy road in the campaign.

With great interest, we hope she can do more for Alaska, the Republican Party and the country in the future.

Thanks to all my running partners, Rick Davis, Steve Schmid, and Mark Selter, and all the volunteers who have worked hard and bravely during so many months of the campaign. Thank you very much. Your trust and friendship are far more important than losing the election.

I don’t know—I don’t know what else we can do to win this election. I will let others decide. Every candidate makes mistakes, and I believe I also made many mistakes. But I will not spend time on regret.

This election will be the glory of my life. This experience and the American people’s decision to choose Senator Obama and my old friend Joe Biden to lead us in the next four years gave me a fair opportunity to state my views. For this, I am very grateful.

If I regret that my fate has allowed me to serve this country for 50 years, I am not worthy of being an American.

Today, I am a candidate for president of this country I love so much. I am still her servant tonight. This is the best blessing that everyone can get. She brings well-being to each of us. Thank you to the people of Arizona.

Tonight, more than any other night, my heart is full of love for this country and people, whether they support me or Obama.

I wish those who were once my opponents and will now be presidents a safe journey. I call on all Americans, as I have often called during the campaign, not to be frustrated with the current difficulties, but to always believe in the greatness and hope of the United States, because everything is possible here.

Americans will not back down. We will never surrender.

We never avoid history. We make history.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.