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United Kingdom found Covid-19 a rather scary research result

United Kingdom found Covid-19 a rather scary research result

by YCPress

According to a new report from Reuters in the United Kingdom, an investigation released by Imperial College London on Tuesday found that although some people infected with the new coronavirus can recover from lung diseases, the virus seems to also cause damage to their brains. Significant damage.

According to Reuters, the findings of Imperial College’s survey were derived from a cognitive assessment test called the “British Intelligence Test” conducted on about 84,000 people who claimed to have had COVID-19.

According to Reuters, this test, which is usually used to detect brain function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, mainly examines a person’s ability to remember words and solve puzzles. The Imperial College‚Äôs test team conducted this test on more than 80,000 people aged 20-70 and found that a significant proportion of these people who claim to have had new coronary pneumonia and have recovered from it have appeared. The decline in cognition.

Among them, the brain function of some subjects even experienced a decline equivalent to 10 years old.

However, this rather scary survey result has not yet been “peer-reviewed” by academia, and other medical experts have also found that the survey was not designed rigorously.

For example, the more than 80,000 people selected in the experiment just claim to have won the new crown, but they lack the basis for proof. At the same time, the trial did not have data on the cognitive ability of these people before the infection, and the conclusion of their brain cognitive decline was only drawn after horizontal comparison with other people of the same age.

But on Twitter, an overseas social network, the eye-catching survey results have attracted the attention of many foreign netizens. Some people think that although the test process is not rigorous and has not been reviewed by the peers, given that the new coronavirus is an unknown new virus, it is better to believe it and avoid infection.

Others believe that this is a deliberate panic created by relevant academic institutions and the media to exaggerate the harm of the new coronavirus.

What’s more interesting is that some people claim that this survey has revealed the real reason why some politicians want to engage in “herd immunity”: If everyone’s brains are broken, it will be better to manipulate and deceive public opinion.