Home World US police shot and killed young African-American. His girlfriend with tears: he was covered with cloth while he was alive
US police shot and killed young African-American. His girlfriend with tears: he was covered with cloth while he was alive

US police shot and killed young African-American. His girlfriend with tears: he was covered with cloth while he was alive

by YCPress

October 28. The shooting and killing of the African-American youth Marcelis Steinnett by the US police is still fermenting. Stinnight’s girlfriend Tafala Williams was sitting in a car with him at the time of the incident and survived the shot. 

The 20-year-old girl tearfully recalled the incident on the 27th, saying that the two were shot without doing anything, and that the police covered her boyfriend with a cloth while he was still breathing. “I know he was still alive. “.

African-American youth Marcelis Steinnett (National Broadcasting Corporation)

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation, Williams attended a press conference hosted by a civil rights lawyer in the form of remote video on the 27th. The US media said that her description of the incident contradicted the police’s introduction. 

Williams recalled that on the evening of the 20th, after putting the child into bed, she and her boyfriend Stinnett sat in the car and smoked. “At this time, a policeman drove to a stop behind our car. He had no driving lights or warnings.”

Williams said that when the police got in the car and sat in the cab, she turned on all the lights in the car so that the police could see that they “had no weapons” and “did not do anything illegal.” 

Williams said: “Then the police focused on Marcelis (the deceased), he held a gun in his left hand and Marcelis said,’I know you from prison.'” Williams asked the police if they could leave or say Has been arrested. Meanwhile, when the police left their car to call, she tried to drive away.

“I drove very slowly, and I dared not get out of the car. The policeman did not follow us, nor did the police lights come on. When I turned the corner, it seemed that there was another policeman waiting for us.”

“Then there was a car accident and I lost control. The police shot at us, and the car finally hit a building. I kept screaming that I didn’t have a gun, but the police kept shooting at us.”

Williams sobbed and said, “He told me to get out of the car. I raised my hand because I was shot and couldn’t move. Marcelis also raised his hand. I kept asking him why the police shot.”

Williams recalled that many police officers with guns approached them. The other party said that if they didn’t get out of the car, they wouldn’t call an ambulance. “When I moved, the blood kept flowing.

I heard Marcelis still breathing, and I begged them not to shoot. We have a child and we don’t want to die.

But an officer dragged me away from Marcellis.” Williams cried and said, ” They put Marcelis on the ground and covered him with a blanket while he was still breathing. I know he is alive. They want us to lie on the ground and bleed.”

Waukegan Police Department did not immediately comment on Williams’ allegations. The next day after the incident, the police issued a preliminary statement stating that a police officer was “investigating a car”. After that, the car ran away.

A second police officer found the car nearby because he was “worried about his own safety.” And shot at this car. The police admitted that no weapons were found in the car.

According to previous reports, on the evening of the 20th local time, Illinois police officers fired at two people in a car, killing one of them, 19-year-old African American Marcelis Steinnett. 

After the incident, the police officer was suspended from his post and was expelled from Waukegan Police Station on the 23rd. The police officer is a Hispanic member of the department who has served for five years. 

Edgar Navarro, the commander of the Ministry of Defense, said in a press release that he was fired for “violating multiple policies and procedures.”

According to the statistics of shooting deaths of police officers on duty in the Washington Post, since 2015, of the more than 5,700 police officers who have shot and shot, 24% are African Americans, while the African American population accounts for only 13% of the total U.S. population. %.