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Ukraine’s epidemic is severe many politicians have been infected with Covid-19

by YCPress

According to Ukrainian media reports, after Ukrainian President Zelensky was diagnosed with Covid-19 on the 9th, many politicians in Ukraine have reported that they have tested positive for Covid-19.

The Ukrainian Independent News Agency reported on the 15th that Ukrainian Minister of Health Stepanov announced on his social media account that he was infected with Coronavirus and will self-quarantine at home. 

Previously, on November 11, Ukrainian media reported that Ukrainian Speaker Razumkov was infected with Coronavirus. Razumkov said that he felt good and would isolate himself and work remotely. 

In addition, the Director of the Office of the President of Ukraine Yermark, Minister of Defense Taran, and Deputy Prime Minister Reznikov have all exposed the news that Coronavirus has tested positive. 

The former Ukrainian President Poroshenko and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Tymoshenko, who were infected with Coronavirus earlier, have recovered.

According to data released on November 15 by Coronavirus Monitoring System of the National Security and Defense Affairs Commission of Ukraine, in the past 24 hours, there were 10,681 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 95 new deaths in Ukraine. 

As of November 15 local time, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Ukraine has risen to 535,857, with 9,603 deaths and 241,444 cured.

Ukrainian Minister of Health Stepanov