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Australian flight attendant vaccinated China Covid-19 vaccine

Australian flight attendant vaccinated China Covid-19 vaccine

by YCPress

Australian flight attendant vaccinated China Covid-19 vaccine

According to a report by the Ninth News Channel of Australia on the 12th, an Australian flight attendant Rochelle Crossley was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine from China Sinopharm Group.

Australian media said that she may therefore become the first person to receive the new crown vaccine in Australia. The first person to be immune to the new coronavirus after the vaccine. 

However, local health officials still questioned the vaccine she received.

Rochelle Crossley is currently working for Etihad Airways, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, as a flight attendant. She was also vaccinated against the new crown after the company’s front-line staff were injected.

In an interview with Australian media about why vaccination, she said, “The fear of contracting the virus exceeds the fear of vaccination. Everyone has different side effects, but the main reason is arm soreness. After the first vaccination, I was a little bit Coughing, but nothing happened with the second shot.”

Australian media mentioned that the new crown vaccine administered by Rochelle Crossley came from China National Pharmaceutical Group. In the UAE, more than 30,000 people have now received the injection as part of the vaccine’s Phase III trial.

According to the official website of Sinopharm Group, currently, the Phase III clinical trial of Sinopharm China Bio-New Crown Vaccine is progressing smoothly in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Peru, Argentina and other countries, and has entered the final sprint stage, with more than 5 volunteers inoculating.

Ten thousand people, and the sample population covers 125 nationalities. The phase III clinical trials of the new crown vaccine in many countries are now nearing completion, and the data of the trials are better than expected.

However, Rochelle was questioned when he returned to Australia for vaccination. According to the report, just last week, when Rochelle arrived at Sydney Airport with documents related to her vaccination, Australian health officials were very confused about her vaccination against the new crown: “They looked at me as if I were The person who made the mistake. They said you knew there was no vaccine.”

Subsequently, Rochelle Crossley was sent to a hotel in Sydney to be quarantined and reunited with his family in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations.

Regarding Rochelle Crossley’s vaccination, Australian media also interviewed Dr. Robert Grenfell from CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia). He did not clarify the role of the vaccine. In his statement, he pointed out that Sinopharm’s vaccine is one of the five vaccines currently in the final testing stage. But even if it proves to be successful, it does not mean that the virus will not continue to spread: “Vaccination at this stage does not mean that you cannot let the virus spread on your nose or hands,” he said.

In addition, Australian media reported that at present, Australia and Pfizer of the United States have signed a 10 million doses of new crown vaccine agreement, and is expected to obtain the new crown vaccine developed by Pfizer Group as soon as 2021.