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France upgraded nuclear submarine delivered

France upgraded nuclear submarine delivered

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France upgraded nuclear submarine delivered… After 13 years of waiting The French Navy ushered in the first “Barracuda-class” attack nuclear submarine “Sufren”

November 6 French Ministry of Defense signs documents Hand it over to the French Navy French second-generation nuclear submarine

Delivery to the French Navy

After 13 years of waiting, the French Navy finally ushered in the first “Barracuda-class” attack nuclear submarine “Sufren”. On November 6, the French Navy held a simple and solemn delivery ceremony at the Toulon Military Port. 

After that, the nuclear submarine will pass the service test as a member of the navy and may eventually enter service in 2021. 

According to reports, the construction of the “Barracuda-class” nuclear attack submarine started in 2007, and the construction plan was repeatedly postponed.

The first launch was only achieved in 2019. In September this year, the “Sufferun” used a 533mm torpedo tube to launch an F21 heavy torpedo for the first time. 

In September and October, the submarine tested missile weapons, including the launch of the submarine-launched Flying Fish anti-ship missile. 

France raised the nuclear submarine

France raised the nuclear submarine The report pointed out that the “Sufferun” is equipped with four 533 mm torpedo tubes. 

In terms of missile weapons, in addition to the “Flying Fish” anti-ship missile

The submarine also carries the “Navy Cruise Missile” known as the “European Tomahawk.”

Data show that the submarine displacement of the “Barracuda-class” nuclear submarine is about 5,300 tons, which is twice that of the French Navy’s current main force-the “Ruby” class nuclear submarine.

The submarine is 99.5 meters long and 8.8 meters wide. 

The crew is composed of 60 people, and the self-sustaining capacity is 70 days. 

The “Barracuda-class” nuclear submarine is also the lowest-priced nuclear submarine in the world today

with an average construction cost of about 1.3 billion euros per ship.

The French Navy plans to receive a total of 6 “Barracuda-class” nuclear submarines to replace the current “Ruby”-class submarines.

The last submarine of this class is scheduled to be delivered to the Navy by 2030.

Expert: Stealth, well equipped weapons

Combine your own needs and reflect the characteristics of France

In terms of power: the French pressurized water reactor is used in the past, but improvements have been made on the original basis to extend the service life of the core, from 7 years to 10 years to replace the core.

Stealth: Stealth has always been very pursued in France, and it has achieved the ultimate and very demanding. 

At present, the decibels of the data released by it should be around 100-105 decibels

which is basically close to the background noise of ocean resources and is very stealthy.

Weapons: It has the best combination of related weapons, because the main tasks of this submarine are anti-ship, anti-submarine, ground attack and special operations . In terms of anti-ship and anti-submarine, it has France’s most advanced black shark torpedo in the world. 

Anti-ship missiles mainly use its signature weapon “Flying Fish” anti-ship missiles. Its cruise missiles are mainly used for ground attacks, with a range of more than 500 kilometers. 

For special operations, its tail pod can carry around 12-15 special forces.

Two advantages: The first is that it is cheap and can be produced in large quantities; the second is that it is in line with France’s current or future underwater operations or the surrounding geographic environment.