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U.S. polls show Biden is less popular than the police

by YCPress

Police and other law enforcement agencies are more popular among Americans than President Joe Biden, a new poll shows.

An NBC poll released Thursday showed President Biden with nearly 10 percentage points less support than law enforcement. Support for U.S. police and other law enforcement agencies is 58 percent, compared with 50 percent for Biden.

The poll also showed Major League Baseball (MLB) trailing police and Biden by 34 percent. MLB’s decision to move its annual All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver has met with strong opposition since Georgia recently passed an election law.

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll found that after 100 days in office, U.S. President Joe Biden’s approval rating was only 52 percent, the third-lowest of any U.S. president since 1945, just ahead of Ford (48 percent) and his predecessor, Trump (42 percent), who took office after Nixon.

image 772 U.S. polls show Biden is less popular than the police
U.S. President Joe Biden Source: AP

However, the Guardian, citing data from Pew, a US pollster, shows that Americans’ approval ratings for Biden’s 100th day in office are not only “strong”, but also the “third highest” of the nearly seven US presidents, behind Reagan and Barack Obama.

FoxNews.com notes that the new NBC poll results come as progressive politicians in the Democratic Party of the United States renew their call for “de-funding of police departments” across the country. Earlier, Drake Shawan, a former Minneapolis police officer, was convicted of murdering Floyd, a black man, and other black men.

image 773 U.S. polls show Biden is less popular than the police
Drake Shawan

Earlier this month, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan, sparked controversy by tweeting a message calling for “no more police.” “This is no accident,” the congresswoman wrote. In our country, law enforcement police are inherently racist. Dart Wright, a black man shot and killed by police during a traffic stop on April 11, was attacked and violent. I’ve had enough of those who condone government-sponsored murderers. No more police, imprisonment and militarization. ”

Biden’s decision to nominate Kristen Clarke to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division has also been controversial, with reports that Clark helped organize a meeting to glorify police killers while in college.