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U.S. 45-year-old man has been infected with Coronavirus for 154 days

U.S. 45-year-old man has been infected with Coronavirus for 154 days

by YCPress

November 12th. A doctor at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in the United States recently announced a rare case report, stating that a 45-year-old patient had been infected with Coronavirus for 154 days and had been approached three times after treatment. He was cured, but the virus subsequently “returned” many times, eventually leading to his death from complications related to Coronavirus.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, the case report was published in the “New England Journal of Medicine” on the 11th. The unidentified man has severe autoimmune diseases, including a disease called antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). For many reasons, he is at high risk of contracting the new coronavirus.

It is reported that after coming to the hospital with a fever, the man was quickly tested positive for Coronavirus, and the doctor began to treat him with the antiviral drug remdesivir for 5 days. On the fifth day, he was discharged because he did not need oxygen. However, the improvement of this man did not last long. For the next 62 days, he was supposed to be isolated at home, but had to be admitted to the hospital 3 times due to abdominal pain, breathing difficulties and fatigue. Each time, his blood oxygen level was lower than normal.

Researchers have found that the load of the new coronavirus in his body has declined during the 62 days, which is an encouraging sign that he may be cured. However, on the 105th day after the first diagnosis, the man was hospitalized again, and the viral load in his body increased, causing medical staff to worry about the recurrence of Coronavirus. This time, he received another course of remdesivir treatment and later tested negative, but he was still receiving treatment considering his condition. After more than a month, the man “recovered Yang” again and received antibody cocktail therapy.

After taking the antibody drug for a week, the man must wear a ventilator. His viral load was almost as high as the previous test level, and he had a fungal infection in his lungs. Although he had received several treatments and his viral load level dropped 3 times, the man died unfortunately 154 days after the initial infection.

It is reported that when scientists sequenced the genome of the new coronavirus that infected the man, they discovered the surprising evolution of the virus. Not only did the new coronavirus remain in his body for more than 150 days, but it also mutated faster than scientists observed in most samples. The author of the study wrote: “Although most people with low immune function can effectively clear the new coronavirus infection, this case highlights the persistent infection associated with the low immune function and the ability of the virus to accelerate the evolution.” Previously, many countries. Health officials have pointed out that people with compromised immune systems should stay at home as much as possible and take special care not to contract the new coronavirus.