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Austrian curfew time advance retail stores must be closed by 7 pm

Austrian curfew time advance retail stores must be closed by 7 pm

by YCPress

Austria implemented the second blockade, a curfew policy will be implemented from 8 pm to 6 am. From the 11th, the new law will be implemented again.

Starting in the early morning of November 11, 2020, all retail stores must be closed at 7 pm according to law, and the morning opening hours remain unchanged. To make sure everyone stays at home before the curfew begins.

But many people’s work may not end until late at night, so where can they go shopping after get off work? According to the current situation, you can only shop in a limited area after 7pm.

The following stores are not subject to curfew laws:


Some foods such as drinks, desserts, snacks, beer, etc. are usually provided in gas stations.

Supermarkets at train stations and airports

If the retail area of ​​the store is less than 80 square meters, it is allowed to remain open after 7pm.

Other shops in train stations and airports

According to the 80-square-meter rule, shoe shops, fashion stores, decoration stores, and other shops in railway stations and airports only need to have a sales area of ​​less than 80 square meters. But these stores are closed at 7 pm, including the shops in the main train station.

vending machine

Night pharmacy

Night pharmacies are not subject to this law. At the same time, baby formula can also be purchased here.

Service company exception

Service companies are also excluded because almost all of these service companies work by appointment, so they can precisely control the flow of customers. According to the Ministry of Health, relatively few customers appeared at the same time.

Food delivery service

As this belongs to the service provider, Alfies.at can continue to provide a variety of food and drinks to customers’ homes in the remaining hour.