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Trump was cheated by the agreement he signed 28 years ago…

by YCPress

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has been living in Mar-a-Lago Club since he left office more than a week ago – which may violate his 1993 agreement with Palm Beach.

According to the agreement, he stayed there for no more than seven consecutive days.

According to the report, Mayor Kirk Braun said in an email that Palm Beach is studying various options, which may be discussed at the town council meeting in February.

Last month, the South Florida town received a letter from an attorney representing Mar-a-Lago neighbors to enforce the residency provisions of the agreement — even if it was done very rarely during or before Trump’s presidency.

Reginald Stambo said in the letter that the unnamed neighbor believed that Trump’s residence would reduce the value of the property.

In 2019, Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump changed their place of residence from New York City to Mar-a-Lago. His newly established former office of the president passed the issue via email to the Trump Group, the Trump family’s business entity, which did not respond.

“There are no existing documents or agreements that prohibit Trump from using Mar-a-Lago as its residence,” the Trump Group said in a statement last month. Trump also owns two properties near Mar-a-Lago.

According to the report, author Lawrence Limer, a resident of Palm Beach, published Mar-a-Lago: Entering the “Gate of Power” of President Donald Trump’s official residence in 2019.

He said this week that if Trump decides to live there, he does not expect the town to question it.

Trump likes to mix with the club members and guests to “bout him” and that he doesn’t enjoy living anywhere else, he said.

“He was told he was a wizard, he was amazing, he was great – that’s what he wanted,” Leamer said.

In 1985, Trump reportedly bought Mar-a-a-Lago for $10 million from the estate of Marjorie Merriwether Post, owner of Mass Foods.

When she died in 1973, she left the 126-room mansion to the U.S. government as a potential presidential vacation home.

After her death, the house was in ruin.

The government returned it in 1981.

Trump spent millions of dollars renovating it and living there occasionally, the report said.