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Japan will allow "large-scale" overseas tourists to enter the Tokyo Olympic Games

Tokyo Olympics may need to enter quarantine for 14 days

by YCPress

Toshiro Muto, chief executive of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said on the 12th whether foreign spectators who will come to watch the Olympics need to enter the country for 14 days before next year, mainly to see the global pandemic situation. And the severity of the pandemic in the country and region where the audience is located.

At the press conference, Toshiro Muto said: “Whether foreign audiences need to be exempted from quarantine mainly depends on the current situation. If they meet certain standards and meet certain conditions, exemption from quarantine is possible. As for the specific standards and conditions, we It will be studied carefully. But for viewers from severely affected areas, it is still necessary to quarantine for 14 days.”

Tokyo Olympic Pandemic

The Tokyo Olympic pandemic Prevention Committee, composed of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, held the fifth pandemic prevention meeting on the 12th to discuss pandemic prevention issues for spectators and volunteers. Toshiro Muto admits that foreign audiences are the trickiest link.

“Foreign audiences are not as easy to track as athletes, so we consider requiring them to sign an agreement when entering the country and promise to comply with relevant pandemic prevention regulations.”

According to the original plan, the Tokyo Olympics pandemic Prevention Committee convened 5 meetings to issue specific pandemic prevention measures for the Olympic Games next year at the end of the year. But for the details of pandemic prevention for foreign audiences, Toshiro Muto said it would postpone the release until next spring.

Toshiro Muto confirmed at the press conference that IOC President Bach will visit Japan from the 15th to the 18th.