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6 people arrested for destroying a Chinese drug trafficking organization in Malaga Spain

by YCPress

Spanish police destroyed a Chinese drug trafficking group in a building in the Benalmádena area of ​​Malaga, which specializes in international drug trafficking. They hid the drugs in picture frames, packaged them into conventional items, and sent them to Taiwan, China through a transportation company.

European News Agency reported that at present, the police have arrested 6 people involved in the case, all of whom are Asians, aged between 29 and 38. The police named the operation “Roque II” operation, which is a continuation of the previous “Roque I” operation. 

In November last year, the police demolished a cannabis greenhouse in a warehouse. 

1949 marijuana plants were eradicated and three Chinese men were arrested.

In the second phase of the investigation, the police seized several postal parcels containing large amounts of marijuana and sealed them with vacuum packaging to prevent the smell of drugs from emitting. 

A total of 30 kg of drugs destined for other European countries were seized.

After learning the mailing address of these packages, the police began to act and eventually seized 7 kg of ketamine. 

These ketamines are packed in 16 frames, all of which are to be shipped to Taiwan, China. 

In addition, the police also seized 600 grams of marijuana, 35,000 euros in cash, mobile phones, fake guns, tickets for illegal transportation of goods, and false documents. 

Six criminals were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, organized crime, forged documents and illegal stay. 

Currently, the authorities have ordered three of them to be imprisoned.

Barceló Chinese women squeeze compatriots into prostitution and earn over 10,000 in half a month

Recently, the Spanish High Court of Andalusia sentenced a 40-year-old Chinese woman ZG (also known as Ana) to two years and 11 months in prison. 

The reason is that she sexually exploited 4 young compatriots for more than 6 months. She locked them in an apartment on Alfonso XI Street in the Gran Plaza district of Seville

Which was also a brothel. Moreover, the defendant earned 10,000 euros in 15 days, but only gave the victim 10 or 20 euros.

“Abbeza” reported that in November 2019, ZG and another man, MY, were tried in a Seville court. In May of this year, the court announced the verdict. The man was found not guilty, but ZG was convicted of “prostitution and exploitation with the consent of the victim”. 

Only one victim appeared in the trial, and the defendant will also pay the victim 15,000 euros. In response to this judgment, ZG appealed to the Andalusian High Court, but it was rejected.

The case dates back to 2017. From April to September 21, the four victims were engaged in prostitution in this apartment on Alfonso XI Street. Engaging in prostitution is voluntary, but they are all under the control of the defendant.

According to reports, the defendant was responsible for contacting the customer by telephone, confirming the price and collecting the prostitution. 

But all four victims could only get a small part of her total price, about 10%. Under the defendant’s order, the four girls were all packed in a room of about 8 square meters.

There were two bunk beds in the room, which were full of their belongings, especially clothes. In addition, they have to work in prostitution for 24 hours until they are exhausted.

On September 21, 2017, after the police searched the brothel and the defendant’s residence, they found 4 notebooks containing a large number of records of the defendant providing sexual services.

In addition, a large number of condoms were found in a box, 2160 Euros in cash were also found in the bathroom, 275 Euros in cash (both from prostitution) in the living room, and two mobile phones of the defendant. 

10 boxes of condoms, 209 anal hygiene products, a Chinese passport and a bank passbook hidden in the oven were also found in MY’s home.

During the trial, both the Seville court and the Andalusian High Court found that the defendant used the victim to profit from prostitution. She was the person who contacted the client.

Her phone number also appeared in some advertisements about “Oriental girls”. . Moreover, the defendant imposed “heavy, disproportionate and even abusive” prostitution working conditions on the four victims.

Man sentenced to 4 years in prison for misappropriating money from Chinese wife

On the 11th, the Court No. 4 of the City Court of Palma, Spain opened a court session to hear a case of a Chinese family financial dispute. 

The defendant in the case is the husband of the Chinese family and his sister and brother-in-law.

They are accused of embezzling the money of the Chinese wife to invest in a clothing store.

According to reports from 20 Minutes and Herald, the man used his wife’s time to travel to China to reach an agreement with his sister and brother-in-law to invest in a clothing store run by the latter. 

In addition to embezzling the Chinese wife’s money privately, he also tried to conceal the investment and related income from her. 

At present, the prosecutor has asked the three defendants to be sentenced to four years in prison and compensation for the Chinese wife of about 120,000 euros.