Home Politics The international group of observers for the American elections criticized Trump for “attacking the vote count and demanding victory prematurely.”
The international group of observers for the American elections criticized Trump for "attacking the vote count and demanding victory prematurely."

The international group of observers for the American elections criticized Trump for “attacking the vote count and demanding victory prematurely.”

by YCPress

According to a report by the US “Capitol Hill” on November 4, the international election observation mission stationed in the United States made sharp criticisms of US President Trump on Wednesday, accusing him of attacking the vote counting process and prematurely claiming to have won 2020.

The speech of the US presidential election.

Michael Georg Link, special coordinator and head of the short-term observation mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), believes that “there are baseless allegations of systemic flaws in the U.S. elections, especially incumbents. The allegations made by the president on the night of the election undermined the public’s trust in the democratic system.”


According to report, in the months leading up to the election, Trump has been criticizing mail voting, claiming without giving evidence that this practice would lead to widespread voter fraud. T

rump also insisted that the US elections will be “rigged” and that people will distort the results by collecting votes. In the early morning of the 4th, Trump also claimed that the Democrats tried to “steal the election (results)”, accusing the ongoing vote counting of fraud.

The report pointed out that since September, the OSCE International Election Observation Mission has been following the U.S. election in 2020, and they are expected to continue this work until the election results are announced. On November 4, the Observer Mission announced its preliminary findings

praising the ability of American institutions and civil organizations to hold elections in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and unprecedented social and political tensions.

Source: Associated Press

The International Election Observation Mission stated that it found no evidence to support the allegations of systemic misconduct, and praised the “great efforts” made by election staff and “active citizens” to ensure that voters can vote.

The head of the OSCE Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Urszula Gacek (Urszula Gacek) said, “Despite the outbreak and face many legal and technical challenges, the current President (Trump) intends to weaken people’s Confidence in the election process, but the election management institutions, mechanisms and infrastructure, supported by the participating civil society, seem to have passed the test. “ODIHR is responsible for long-term observation of the election.

The observer group stated that “the uncertainty of the law and unprecedented attempts to undermine the trust of the public”, especially from Trump, undermined the achievements of the “hard work” of this US election.

Source: Associated Press

According to reports, Trump and his campaign team have stated that they will launch legal challenges to the election results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The Trump campaign stated that they have filed lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania to stop the counting of votes until they obtain “authority” to observe the counting and counting of votes. In addition, they also demanded a recount in Wisconsin.

Kari Henriksen, head of the OSCE Parliamentary Association delegation, said: “The right to vote and the right to count are one of the most basic principles of democracy. In the context of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the increase in mail voting, I am concerned about the work of counting votes that attempts to restrict legal votes.”

Source: Associated Press

International observer groups further criticized Trump’s behavior throughout the campaign. They wrote in the report that what is particularly worrying is that Trump “made discriminatory and insulting remarks against individuals based on gender and origin” and used His “official status gains political advantage.” 

He also criticized Trump for failing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and claiming that the election process was “systemically manipulated” without any substantive evidence. The observer group believes that this behavior “weakened the public’s confidence in the US system, and many people believe that this increases the possibility of politically motivated violence after the election.”

According to the report, the OSCE Observer Group reports on the elections to 57 member states of the organization. They will not judge whether the elections are free or fair. Instead, they will prepare a neutral and non-partisan report on the conduct of the elections and submit them. Suggestions for improvement.

The observation team is expected to stay in the United States for at least 10 days. They said they may stay longer or continue to observe remotely until the election is over. ODIHR head Gasek said, “This election is not over yet. We will stay in Washington, DC and key states across the United States. It is vital that every vote cast correctly is counted correctly.”