Home Politics The death knell for Taiwanese separatists has sounded, and Hong Kong media claim that the country is “drawing the list”
The death knell for Taiwanese separatists has sounded, and Hong Kong media claim that the country is "drawing the list"

The death knell for Taiwanese separatists has sounded, and Hong Kong media claim that the country is “drawing the list”

by YCPress

According to a report from the Global Times on November 15, Hong Kong media reporters learned from authoritative channels that relevant national authorities are studying and formulating a list of Taiwan’s diehard separatists. The main supporters such as the funders have adopted severe sanctions and other effective measures, including bringing them to justice in accordance with the “Anti-Secession Law”, the “Criminal Law”, and the “Secession Crimes” of the “National Security Law” and holding them accountable for life.

The move to “pull the list” is a head-on attack against the separatists in Taiwan since the mainland recently took action to contain and crack down on the separatists in Hong Kong!

What Taiwan separatists are most afraid of is the “list of strikes” issued by mainland China. People on this list mean that they must be cautious in their words and deeds in the future. Not only will they be sanctioned themselves, but also multinational companies, organizations, and individuals that have any relationship with them will face the possibility of sanctions; You have to be careful when you go abroad. Those separatists who have committed crimes may be extradited back to the mainland for trial; once they become separatists, they must bear the corresponding legal consequences, even if they do not wash their hands.

Those diehards with arrogant remarks about “independence” and malicious acts of “independence”, as well as their main supporters such as their funders, must be on the list. As for the “lifelong accountability,” some people have questions. Doesn’t this not give individual separatists a chance to repent and rehabilitate?

In fact, this is not aimed at those stubborn separatists, who are incurable and have caused great harm to the unification of the country, and severe punishments must be imposed on them. Of course, if some separatists wake up, change their positions as soon as possible, and become those who defend the unity of the country and make corresponding contributions, those who should be treated with leniency must be treated with leniency. Therefore, the main target of “lifelong accountability” is still diehards.

On March 14, 2005, the “Anti-Secession Law” was passed at the Third Session of the Tenth National People’s Congress, effectively combating the arrogance of the separatists and drawing a red line for external forces to intervene in the Taiwan Strait issue. However, due to the lack of corresponding measures at the operational level, the Taiwanese separatists have remained confident for so many years, and their separatist actions have become more and more severe and more harmful, especially when they are poisoning Taiwanese youth.

This is also the sinister intention of the DPP. Through “de-sinicization” education, it cuts off blood and cultural ties with mainland China, cultivates a generation of “natural independence”, and makes Taiwanese youth the basis for splitting the country. In this year’s “general election” in Taiwan, the high number of votes for the water spinach was 8.17 million, which shows that it is imminent to contain Taiwanese youths supporting secession. If there are no more crackdowns and restrictions, over time, Taiwanese youths will probably only know that there is a Taiwan, but not China.

After Taiwan’s economy has experienced rapid development, it has been on a downward slope since 2000. The island’s competitiveness has continued to decline, and the overall society has lacked economic vitality. The Taiwanese youth generation has become a “boring generation.” On the other hand, the mainland has seen rapid progress in social infrastructure construction in recent years, stable economic growth and high-quality development, a new pattern of opening up to the outside world has been established, and a significant jump in international competitiveness. Coronavirus pandemic has caused severe damage to the world economy, and mainland China is the only country that has emerged from the shadow of the pandemic and achieved positive economic growth.

It is precisely because of the development and growth of the mainland that the attractiveness of Taiwanese youths seeking a greater growth platform is also increasing. Coupled with the successive measures to benefit Taiwan, more and more Taiwanese youths choose to study and work in the mainland. Become their best choice to realize their life dreams.

However, some Taiwanese youths who have been poisoned by split ideology want to share the dividends of the mainland’s development, but secretly become “two-faced people.” This also serves as a very bad example for many Taiwanese who choose to develop in the mainland. Although cross-strait exchanges have been carried out in full swing in recent years, many “two-faced” Taiwanese youths have frequently appeared in the newspapers.

“Lifelong accountability” will make Taiwan Youth more cautious in choosing political positions. Between a bright future and a split dead end, they must do a “choose one” question. This has dismantled the Taiwan separatist camp on the basis of this, and without the supplement of young people, how long can the Taiwan separatist forces support it?

From circumnavigating the island to formulating a list of separatists, the country has firmly secured the “cage” of maintaining national unity step by step, and it has also sounded the death knell of Taiwan separatists.