Home Politics Pakistan has just produced evidence, and India is planning a terrorist attack against China.
Pakistan has just produced evidence, and India is planning a terrorist attack against China.

Pakistan has just produced evidence, and India is planning a terrorist attack against China.

by YCPress

Observer reported on November 15 that Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Qureshi presented evidence at a regular press conference the day before, accusing India of planning an attack against Pakistan in Afghanistan, with the target being the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China development project.

As a former colony of the United Kingdom, the Indian ruling class has a deep British brand. After gaining independence, India not only failed to reflect on the evil deeds of the colonists, but instead inherited the legacy of the British Empire and embarked on a path of external expansion. In the decades of independence, India and all its neighboring countries had wars, and only lost to China in 1962.

Since the beginning of this year, the relations between India and China and Pakistan have been very tense. While India and China continue to have border frictions, there have also been multiple border artillery battles with Pakistan. Perhaps it is because it cannot take advantage of border frictions that India thought of another method-the infiltration of spies and terrorist attacks accused by Pakistan.

This method is not only useless to deal with China directly, but it may also lead to greater disasters. What should be done? Based on the feedback from Pakistan, India’s goal is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. I have to say that the Indian intelligence agency chose this “point” very accurately.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an important part of the “Belt and Road” initiative. China has invested a lot of resources and energy, and it is also a key step in Pakistan’s economic revitalization. The launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has disrupted China’s grand strategy and hit the old man. The economic development of its rival Pakistan can be described as “two birds with one stone.”

Pakistan’s national conditions are very different from China. The central government can only control about half of the country, and the remaining half is controlled by “tribes” of various sizes. In principle, these “tribes” are controlled by the central government of Pakistan, but in fact, each one is a country within a country, enjoying various privileges in its own jurisdiction, and even has its own armed forces.

India has taken a fancy to this point, sending spies to infiltrate Pakistan’s most backward and chaotic province, Balochistan, and help the local militia to fight against the Pakistani government. According to Pakistani military spokesman Iftihar, Indian spies spent 60 million US dollars to form an armed force of about 700 people in the area close to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, with 10 Indians in its decision-making committee.

Iftihar introduced that the terrorist organization formed by Indian spies had attacked hotels in Gwadar City, Balochistan in 2016 and 2019. These people had spoken to Indian intelligence personnel before attacking the hotel. These calls Some were intercepted by Pakistani intelligence agencies, and India’s conspiracy of terrorist attacks in Pakistan also surfaced. In recent years, Chinese people have been kidnapped in Pakistan, many of which are carried out by terrorist forces supported by Indian intelligence agencies.

However, the level of Indian intelligence personnel is not very good. According to the news released by Pakistan this time, it is not difficult to see that Pakistani intelligence agencies have obtained a large amount of evidence of Indian spies’ activities in Pakistan. We believe that through the concerted efforts of China and Pakistan, it will be a matter of time before the Indian spy network and the terrorists cultivated by it are eliminated.

The confrontation between nations is, in the final analysis, a contest of overall national strength. How can it be possible to obtain something that is not available on the frontal battlefield by some means of abuse? Regardless of the huge differences in the national strength of China and India, India insists on being enemies of China and Pakistan, and it will not end well in the end.

Concerning China’s major interests, India’s actions violated the basic principles of international law and human society. The Modi government must give China and the international community an account.