Home Politics At a sensitive moment, the island suddenly announced that the US Marines had arrived in Taiwan provoking conflicts across the Taiwan Strait
At a sensitive moment, the island suddenly announced that the US Marines had arrived in Taiwan provoking conflicts across the Taiwan Strait

At a sensitive moment, the island suddenly announced that the US Marines had arrived in Taiwan provoking conflicts across the Taiwan Strait

by YCPress

The World Wide Web reported on November 9 that the Taiwan Naval Command confirmed that the US Marine Corps arrived in Taiwan and resumed teaching combat subjects on the same day. In the previous “joint landing operations,” a ship capsized accident resulted in the drowning of a number of Taiwan’s “special forces”. Affected by this year’s pandemic, the US military’s mission to Taiwan to train Taiwan troops was once terminated, and it is now the first recovery.

It has long been an open secret that the US Marine Corps stationed in Taiwan and is responsible for training the island’s military has been exposed and disclosed by the island and US media many times. However, the U.S. and Taiwan have been kept secret, because they did not over stimulate the mainland. However, if the media leaked in advance, they were vaccinating the mainland, using sausage-cutting methods to force the mainland to accept the facts step by step.

When the international situation is so sensitive, why did the island suddenly announce major and provocative news to hype the situation across the Taiwan Strait? The root lies in the US election. Earlier, the Taiwan authorities adopted the method of choosing sides in the U.S. general election, supporting Trump to discredit Biden, which has angered the Democratic camp.

The U.S. election is going on. The Taiwan authorities’ “representative in the U.S.” Xiao Meiqin forwarded the Twitter of the U.S. First Lady Melania to support Trump’s election; DPP Central Standing Committee members Cai Yiyu and Huang Chengguo even wore American flags, ” A mask with the word “Trump” attended the party’s regular meeting, and Cai Yiyu also wrote “We Chuan (Trump) Mighty” on his face.

The most deadly thing is that the “Poisoned Apple” supported by the Taiwan authorities produced and spread the black material that Biden’s son had a deal with mainland China. This out-and-out false news almost became the “blockbuster” of the US election. Fortunately, the United States The Democratic Party immediately discovered and organized the domestic mainstream media that supported it to expose this.

Each pile, piece by piece, like drinking ice water in winter, knowing how cold it is. Regardless of whether it is the Democratic Party or Biden, it is impossible not to keep a record of this. Just like Truman was betting on his opponents against Chiang Kai-shek, non-retaliation is not the character of Washington politicians. The Taiwan authorities are also very aware of it, and now they are very flustered and urgently need to find a solution.

The official announcement of major provocative news and enthusiasm for the situation in the Taiwan Strait is undoubtedly a poisonous move to bring the US-Taiwan relations closer. The Taiwan authorities are gambling, hoping to bet against the mainland, betting that the Democratic Party will put the overall situation first and will not abandon itself; on the other hand, they are also betting that the mainland will endure this bad breath and will not make a decision of military reunification.

The Taiwan authorities publicly and high-profilely declared that the US Marine Corps will be stationed, and the term “recovery” undoubtedly publicly indicates that the US military has already been stationed. This action has fundamentally undermined the basic principles of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. In a sense, it also means that the basic trust between China and the United States has disappeared, and the situation in the Taiwan Strait is heading into a more dangerous abyss.

In October of this year, Tsai Ing-wen’s inspection of the “Leshan” radar station suddenly showed the image of a white man wearing a mask. Although this person is not wearing a military uniform, it is not difficult to infer that he has inextricable connections with the US military. 

“Paving Claw” is an ultra-long-range strategic radar with an effective detection range of more than 3000 miles. This level of equipment is currently only owned by China, the United States and Russia, so the United States is absolutely impossible to deliver to Taiwan for operation. .

Now that everyone has a showdown, the mainland should also re-examine some of our methods. Judging from the history of the 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, opponents are like springs, depending on whether you are strong or not; if you are strong, you will be weak, and if you are weak, you will be strong.