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Taiwan After US Election

Taiwan After US Election

by YCPress

Taiwan After US Election

Taiwan After US Election , Three Ways for Taiwan after the U.S. Election.
“If Biden is elected, U.S.-China relations will be’hard but not chaotic’; if Trump is re-elected, it will continue to be’hard and messy’!” China and Japan research authority Fu Gaoyi, 1 The words express his views on the relationship between the United States, Mainland China, and Taiwan after the US election. Fu Gaoyi also specifically urged Tsai Ing-wen to “not only listen to the unilateral voice of the United States, but also listen to all the messages released by Beijing, carefully interpret its meaning, and lead Taiwan in the right direction.”

But the speakers were slanderous and the listeners scorned. The Cai authorities simply couldn’t listen to these unpleasant advice. They are like betting on a political stud, betting all the lives of Taiwanese on Trump; it seems that as long as Trump wins, Taiwan can sit back and relax. And the Tsai authorities also firmly believe: Trump will definitely win re-election! 

If you ask the Tsai authorities: if Trump loses the election, what should Taiwan do? I wonder what their answer will be? The people in Taiwan are actually more worried about: After the US election, where will Taiwan go?

Taiwan US

Taiwan US Military exercises between the land, the United States and Taiwan are increasing day by day: the PLA’s live ammunition exercises one after another, and bombers continue to shuttle in and out of Taiwan’s southwestern waters; the US-Japan-Australia joint military exercises are in full swing; the Tsai authorities have repeatedly held anti-landing exercises on the island of Taiwan.

Dare to stop; the U.S. government has rushed to sell large sums of old arms to the Cai authorities at a high price in recent weeks before the election. All signs indicate that the military tensions in the Taiwan Strait and its periphery are increasing day by day as the US election approaches, and a strong smell of gunpowder can be smelled.

Where is Taiwan going? I think there are three possibilities:

  • Taking advantage of the Sino-U.S. struggle, Taiwan will choose sides, take the opportunity to “establish diplomatic relations” with the United States, declare “independence”, and exchange US troops for garrison and joint defense; At the forefront of the decisive battle between the two sides.
  • mobilize all active and reserve soldiers, fight with the People’s Liberation Army for several days, wait for the US military to help, and sacrifice half of the population as the price of independence;
  • To avoid the war inflicting disastrous life, actively recognize the “92 Consensus” , Accept “One Country, Two Systems” and negotiate with the mainland.

Taiwan US Relations

Taiwan US Relations At present, the Cai authorities are struggling. If you choose the first item, it depends on whether the new owner of the White House is willing to take this dangerous move. This action will inevitably anger the mainland and sacrifice the “National Anti-Secession Law”, and there is a legitimate reason to reunify Taiwan. The United States is bound to be involved in this war, causing American soldiers to die, and even become the time-consuming Vietnam War or the Middle East. A replica of the war caused a severe recession in the US economy.

If you choose the second option, what percentage of the Taiwanese people, military, and officials are truly willing to sacrifice for “Taiwan independence” and bravely fight until the last soldier? How many wealthy people and officials would escape the island before the war, with their families and dependents, carrying huge amounts of gold? Once foreign countries start to “evacuate overseas Chinese,” how many people in Taiwan can calm down, prepare their weapons, and wait for street fighting at home? Will Tsai Ing-wen take the first step himself?

At present, it seems that the only option that can keep Taiwan from being affected by the war, which has caused blood to flow, is to return to the negotiating table, recognize the “92 Consensus”, accept the “One Country, Two Systems”, and sign a “peace treaty” with the mainland. Hand over the unification and timing to the next generation or two.

China Taiwan US

China Taiwan US Perhaps the Kuomintang can put forward new propositions at this time. For example, on the basis of accepting “one country, two systems”, Taiwan completely abandons the “Taiwan independence” proposition of separating from Chinese territory, maintains an equal distance from China and the United States, maintains the status quo and preserves the current situation.

The political system and the maintenance of military force only sufficient to maintain public order have made the two sides of the strait a quasi-confederation system. As long as the division of the country is not mentioned, I believe that the mainland is willing to resolve cross-strait differences peacefully, so that Taiwan no longer has to spend large sums of money to buy outdated American weapons, and use the money to build Taiwan and more convenient transportation across the strait.

Taiwan And US Relations

Taiwan And US Relations Many young people in Taiwan, because they don’t know the horror of the war and have never experienced it, followed the Tsai authorities shouting that they are willing to fight for the protection of Taiwan’s “freedom and democracy” until the last soldier; they think that as long as they have something like “Boxers” That kind of charm and courage will allow you to escape the ravages of war.

A responsible political party should clearly tell these young people who are “willing to fight for Taiwan independence” what the cruelty and consequences of the war will be, instead of encouraging them to die in vain, but ultimately cannot allow Taiwan to continue to have “sovereignty” and ” Free and democratic” system.

Only through peace talks can Taiwan’s young people be prevented from becoming a human bomb for the United States’ all-out “anti-China”, so that Taiwan can maintain the status quo, continue to have its own political system under the “one China” framework, and develop its economy with all its strength. Building the world’s only “neutral technology island” and “Asian financial center” will protect Taiwanese from the threat of war forever. This is not surrenderism, let alone surrender, but a wise decision made for the safety of the lives and property of 23 million people!