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The growing number of confirmed cases in Italy approaches 40000. Piedmont is asks China For help

The growing number of confirmed cases in Italy approaches 40000. Piedmont is asks China For help

by YCPress

European Network, November 8th, according to EUN News Agency, the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense reported 39,811 new confirmed cases on the 7th. Among them, 1,223 were hospitalized in a single day for ordinary inpatients, 119 were severely ill, and 425 deaths were added. 

Facing the severe pandemic situation, the Piedmont region of Italy made a request to the Chinese side, hoping that the Chinese medical team could provide help and support again.

It is expected that a Chinese medical team composed of 34 medical personnel from Sichuan Province will arrive in Italy in the near future to assist the anti-pandemic work in Piedmont.

Alberto Cirio, President of the Piedmont Region.

According to reports, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, as of 18:00 on the 7th, the cumulative number of confirmed cases nationwide has increased to 902,490, including 41,063 deaths, 532.536 existing cases, 27,743 ordinary hospitalized patients, and 2,634 intensive care patients, all cured. There were 328.891 patients.

Beginning on November 5, Italy has set a record high in new confirmed cases for 3 consecutive days, with the total number of confirmed cases in 3 days reaching 112,125. Lombardy has once again become the most severely affected area in Italy, with 11,489 newly diagnosed cases in a single day, accounting for 30% of the total number of new cases in the country. Piedmont Region newly diagnosed 4437 cases in a single day, ranking second in the country.

China Italy Relations

China Italy Relations The Italian Ministry of the Interior issued a notice on the 7th to directly delegate the jurisdiction of closed roads to local governments. Regional governments and municipalities can close roads after 21 o’clock in the evening according to the needs of pandemic prevention and control. It is strongly recommended that local governments strengthen restrictions on the movement of residents. You can choose to close downtown streets and squares at any time. It also requires that cross-regional migrants must carry self-declaration with them.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said that in the next 48 hours, the central government will once again evaluate the pandemic data and expand and add new red pandemic high-risk areas based on the opinions of experts and regional governments.

On the 7th local time, health officials from the Piedmont region of Italy informed the media that the chairman of the region, Alberto Cirio, has sent a letter to the Italian Embassy in China regarding the dispatch of a Chinese medical team from Sichuan Province to assist in the fight against the pandemic in Piedmont.

Ambassador Fang Lanyi (Luca Ferrari) asked for assistance. I also thank the Chinese government for once again providing selfless assistance and support when Italy suffered from the pandemic crisis.

According to a report from the health officials of the Piedmont region, the China-Italian medical team composed of 34 medical staff from Sichuan Province includes 6 expert doctors and 28 experienced nursing staff. The Chinese medical team will assist and guide the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the Piedmont region at Sant’Andrea Hospital in Vercelli.