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Australia suspended 7 categories products from export to China

Australia suspended 7 categories products from export to China

by YCPress

Australia suspended 7 categories products from export to China

After 7 categories of products were suspended from export to China, Australian MPs: Don’t expect the Chinese market
to deal with barley, cotton and coal imported from Australia. According to recent media reports, there are 7 categories of Australian products that will Imports to China will be suspended. Although the Australian Prime Minister Morris has been actively coordinating all parties to keep calm, the actual situation in the industry is an issue that cannot be ignored. Therefore, some Australian parliamentarians also In this regard, don’t count on the Chinese market anymore.

It’s useless for the Australian Prime Minister’s statement to “ban” 7 categories of commodities.
According to the Global Times’ report on November 5, although China has not made any formal statements, it seems to have acquiesced to the previous China’s According to the report on the suspension of the import of 7 categories of commodities in Australia, the report also pointed out that due to anti-dumping and related quality inspection issues, China will suspend the import of coal, wood, copper, wine, lobster, barley and sugar produced in Australia. These 7 categories of goods.

After that, although Australian Prime Minister Morris urgently stated that he would actively coordinate all parties and use communication to deal with the current problems, but with regard to commercial issues, especially foreign trade issues, the practitioners in related industries should be most impressed. Even though the Australian Prime Minister has already expressed his views on this, practitioners and businessmen in related industries still seem to have little hope for this, and their exit from the Chinese market may be coming.

Australian businessmen want to abandon the Chinese market ?

No matter when it is, China’s huge consumer market has always been a sweet spot in the commercial sector. As early as China’s ban on Australian coal, Mongolia and Russia have been actively negotiating with China on coal cooperation. This also means that if other Australian products lose the Chinese market, they will soon be replaced by new sellers.

According to relevant statistics, if Australia loses the Chinese market, it will lose 6 billion to 8 billion Australian dollars. From the perspective of the possible degree of loss, although the loss does not seem to be too small, Australian businessmen We seem to have to accept such a reality. Even Australian parliamentarians also said on this issue that they should no longer count on the Chinese market.

Australia may usher in a cold industrial winter.

From the list of China’s suspended imports of Australian products, we can see that most of China’s imports from Australia are raw materials and some agricultural and sideline products. Although Australia has always said that it will look for new alternative markets since then, However, with such a large base, it is really difficult for people not to consider the issues. Australia may usher in a cold winter for related industries after this.