Home Criminal “spy war” on the streets of Russia, defense experts were arrested for leaking secrets to Ukraine, this matter sounded the alarm for China 
"spy war" on the streets of Russia, defense experts were arrested for leaking secrets to Ukraine, this matter sounded the alarm for China 

“spy war” on the streets of Russia, defense experts were arrested for leaking secrets to Ukraine, this matter sounded the alarm for China 

by YCPress

According to media reports on the 26th, the Russian Federal Security Service recently released a rare scene of a “spy war” on the street. At that time, a large number of security personnel guarded a Russian defense expert suspected of leaking secrets to Ukraine, and arrested him directly after he showed up.

image 9 spy war on the streets of Russia

(the spy involved)

According to the content of the video, the incident took place in Rostov-on-Don. It can be seen from the picture that a man wearing a hat is walking on the street. The man looks around while walking, for fear that someone will follow him, and his actions are very suspicious. The scouts were following him nearby, but he was very vigilant, and after he distanced himself, he continued to be vigilant. However, the security personnel still seized the opportunity, rushed out on the right side, knocked the opponent down, and then a crowd of personnel rushed forward, and the suspect was subdued on the spot.

image 10 spy war on the streets of Russia

(Catch the moment)

According to relevant reports, the man is a design engineer in the defense field, and he has a deep understanding of Russian military information. However, he defected to the enemy and betrayed his country, becoming Ukraine’s ghost in Russia. Before being arrested, the man had already provided information on Russian military assets, including military deployment, military industry information, and air defense forces, to military intelligence personnel in Kiev. That is to say, a large number of Russian secrets have been leaked .

image 12 spy war on the streets of Russia

(Russian Federal Security Service)

For this man, Russia has decided to prosecute him in the name of treason. According to the new order signed by Putin, the consequences of treason may mean life imprisonment. But the matter has come to this point, the loss is obvious. Since the Russia-Uzbekistan conflict, Russia has often experienced “fires in the rear”. As for the situation of once approaching the vicinity of nuclear weapons facilities. These incidents continue to occur. In addition to the secret support of the United States and the West for Ukraine, they are also related to the “inner ghost leaking secrets”, because only when someone supports them from the inside can the Ukrainian army be able to be “not bad at all.”

b619c9687e484be18e3c273c06b206d2 spy war on the streets of Russia

(The “Russian Legion” claiming to invade Russia)

And things like leaks by national defense engineers will also create huge security risks from the development of military technology . It has been reported before that an engineer who is suspected of being familiar with the technology of the Tu-160 bomber tried to seek asylum in the United States and provided confidential information. In exchange. This incident has not been finally confirmed, but if it is true, it will be a major loss for Russia. The Tu-160 is Russia’s “national weapon”. Once there is a technology leak, the United States will definitely target it and try its best to deal with it. In that case , Russia’s situation will be even more unfavorable.

image 13 spy war on the streets of Russia

(Russia has upgraded the Tu-160M ​​in recent years)

Similar things actually sounded the alarm for us, and China has to guard against such things. Previously, CCTV reported that an aviation expert was instigated by foreign forces after going abroad, so that he leaked a large number of state secrets. In the end, the matter of this aviation expert was exposed, and the relevant departments took measures according to law, and he himself paid a huge price. Such a case is worthy of our repeated interpretation and deep vigilance. After all, espionage is pervasive and poses a serious threat to national security. It must be eliminated at all times, and it must be severely cracked down. Infiltration forces will never be allowed to be arrogant