Home Politics Russia will deploy non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus. Is this illegal? 
Russia will deploy non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus. Is this illegal? 

Russia will deploy non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus. Is this illegal? 

by YCPress

Just today, Russian media reported that Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Hlenin and Russian Defense Minister Shoigu formally signed a document in Minsk to determine the order for the storage of Russia’s non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus.

However, the Russian side reiterated that Russia will not transfer nuclear weapons to Belarus, and the decision to control and use them remains on the Russian side.

We know that Russia and Belarus are military allies. According to the Americans, this is the allies.

Although Western countries have strongly opposed Belarus since the establishment of a special nuclear weapons stockpile, President Putin emphasized that Russia will adopt the same approach as the United States deploys nuclear weapons in NATO allies, and Russia’s approach will not violate Russia and Belarus. International obligations to be borne.

In March, Vasily Nebenja, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Security Council, stated during a meeting of the Security Council that Russia has not violated its international obligations under the international nuclear non-proliferation agreement.

So, what kind of tactical nuclear weapons will Russia deploy in Belarus?

We know that it has been reported before that Russia has equipped “Iskander” tactical ballistic missiles in Belarus, and this missile can use both conventional warheads and nuclear warheads.

Therefore, Russia’s decision to deploy non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus this time must be tactical nuclear weapons that match the “Iskander” tactical ballistic missile.

At the end of 2021, the website of the Nuclear Weapons Issues Project of the Institute for Peace and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg, Germany announced that the United States has 100 nuclear bombs in military bases in Europe and Turkey, most of which are B-61 nuclear bombs, of which the United States is in Germany. Dozens of these nuclear weapons were deployed.

As we all know, there are only five parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, that is, the five permanent members of the United Nations. India and Pakistan are the de facto nuclear-armed countries, and Israel is the default nuclear-armed country. It is illegal for other countries, including North Korea, to possess nuclear weapons.

Therefore, from a certain perspective, it was the Americans who pioneered the deployment of nuclear weapons in European allies, which caused Russia to follow suit. If what the U.S. is doing is illegal, then what Russia is doing is also illegal; but the problem is that Americans don’t think what they are doing is illegal, so it makes no sense for the U.S. to condemn Russia in this regard.