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Several U.S. health officials have been threatened with death due to pandemic prevention measures

Several U.S. health officials have been threatened with death due to pandemic prevention measures

by YCPress

The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States continues to worsen.

Public opinion believes that the reason why the pandemic in the United States has not been under control is mainly due to the inaction of the government.

Politicians are busy “blaming the pot”, either downplaying the pandemic, or politicizing the pandemic.

Therefore, some American people do not attach importance to the pandemic and refuse to abide by the pandemic prevention regulations.

CNN also reported on January 31 local time that out of dissatisfaction with the pandemic prevention measures, many Americans even angered officials of the health system.

Many officials and their families were harassed and subjected to cyber violence, and some even received death threats.

In Okanogan County, Washington, Lori Jones, the director of community health, just installed a new security system in the home and asked police to patrol around her home to deal with physical threats against her.

Some people sentmented Jones because of dissatisfaction with the public health guidelines issued by the government.

She restricted her freedom of travel, and some even issued a “kill order” on social media against Jones, demanding that Jones’ home address be published in order to “give her a lesson”.

Also in Washington state, the same happened to Grayson County health officer Joshua Ambury.

For the past year, Ambry has been working with colleagues on the front line of the fight against the pandemic to protect the health and safety of the residents of the local community – but unexpectedly, the “adrend” he finally received was a “death warning” from strangers.

In an interview with CNN, Ambri said he is now doubtful whether he can continue to stick to it.

When he gets into his car and intends to drive every day, he is “fearful of what happens”.

Jones and Ambry’s missteps are not an exception.

In Los Angeles County, California, it has been claimed on social media that Barbara Ferrell, the county’s public health director, “should be shot”; the governor of Kentucky recently confirmed that the home of Steven Stark, the state’s public health commissioner, had been damaged; and Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has been under serious security threats since the outbreak of the United States, after Fauci also released a recording of threats to him and his family.

Sources said that Fauci had asked law enforcement to protect his personal safety early.

Under such pressure, many health officials chose to resign. Gianfranco Pezino, who works for Shawnee County Health in Kansas, has been subjected to unprecedented “isolation” from local communities for insistence on putting people with masks.

His children have been harassed at school, his wife will be questioned by neighbors while shopping at the grocery store, and some people have entered Pezino on social media. Personal attack – In desperation, Pezino was forced to leave his position for 14 years.

CNN found in the investigation that more than 180 health officials across the United States resigned or were fired during the pandemic, and their experiences were similar: when they took measures to deal with the pandemic, they themselves became the target of public anger.

Instead of understanding the need for pandemic prevention measures, they blamed him.

Lie and restrict freedom – In this regard, the U.S. media pointed out that in the critical period of pandemic prevention and control, public health experts were urgently needed to guide the anti-pandemic work.

This “anti-intelligence” trend in the United States not only tore up society, but also made the end of the American anti-pandemic war seem more and more distant.