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Self-privileged hegemony (International Forum)

Self-privileged hegemony (International Forum)

by YCPress

Self-privileged hegemony (International Forum)

The US should take human rights seriously, and on the basis of abiding by international law, conduct international human rights cooperation through equal and mutual respectful exchanges.

The world is too unstable in 2020. The United States is characterized by its own way of doing things. It is not willing to assume the international responsibilities of the largest developed country, and it has become a special force that undermines the stability, effectiveness, and predictability of the international order. The U.S. refused to participate in the UN Human Rights Council at first, joined in the middle, and announced its withdrawal the year before. Such a vacillating and demanding attitude makes it difficult for people to see the respect of the UN’s human rights mechanism and the international community in this country that always talks about human rights. Compliance with the human rights system.

Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, the United States has carried out a double-standard human rights diplomacy, blaming countries that it is not pleasing to its eyes. The essence is to politicize human rights and use human rights as a tool of political confrontation. The US holds a human rights baton, gives pointers to other countries, and publishes national human rights reports every year. Many of the contents are not based on real facts.

The realization of human rights is a dream shared by the people of all countries and an important goal of the United Nations. But when it comes to the U.S. government, human rights have become a card in their hands. They set up their own issues, make up their own rules of the game, become a “teacher” and a world policeman, and ignore the sovereignty and internal affairs of other countries. The U.S. even passed special bills involving the territories and people of other countries, arbitrarily imposing sanctions on other countries, their enterprises, institutions, or citizens. In the eyes of some American politicians, it seems that there is no international law in the world at all, or even if there is, the United States is a special country and a privileged country. This act of self-grant privileges is essentially a typical hegemony rejected by the international community!

It must be noted that countries with different civilizations and stages of development are also important promoters of the international human rights cause. In particular, the vast majority of developing countries not only strive for development and progress at home, but also use their wisdom and sweat to contribute to the development of the world economy. Regrettably, the contributions of developing countries have not received enough attention and respect. Many developing countries, including China, are based on their own national conditions to achieve economic development and social progress, but they are always criticized by the United States under the pretext of human rights. , This is neither objective nor fair, and even more unpopular.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a major crisis facing all mankind, and it is a test of the governance level of governments of various countries. It is obvious to all that some American politicians ignore science and fail to respond effectively, leading to a continuous increase in confirmed cases and deaths. The U.S. government has never made it clear how the American people’s rights to life, health, and more basic human rights associated with them, including the right to education, employment, and basic living standards, should be protected from threats.

The long-standing systemic racial discrimination in the United States has increasingly intensified serious social conflicts. Some American politicians often act as the initiators of stigmatization and discriminatory remarks, not only in the United States, but also in the international community. During Coronavirus Pandemic prevention and control period, from time to time, some American politicians ignored the World Health Organization’s naming rules and objective facts about the Coronavirus, and deliberately made discriminatory remarks, confused people, and lied about right and wrong, which caused negative effects on China and the Asian American population. Facts have repeatedly shown that some politicians in the United States have never been consistent in their words and deeds in dealing with the issue of racial discrimination.

In the current pandemic, all countries and people in the world need unity and cooperation more than ever. However, the United States has used various occasions to spare no effort to agitate human rights diplomacy and engage in political confrontation, which runs counter to the current joint efforts of the international community to fight Coronavirus Pandemic and overcome difficulties. Why has the US turned a blind eye to international cooperation under the current international public health crisis? Why has it withdrawn from the World Health Organization, seriously defaulted on UN dues, and still pretended to be pretentious and long-sleeved on human rights issues? This is the question of the whole world to them.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Over the past 75 years, the international community has taken the United Nations as the coordination center of multilateral relations and has conducted long-term exploration and unremitting efforts with peace and development as the theme. With economic globalization, information networking and high-tech development, international exchanges and cooperation have become increasingly close, and international human rights governance is entering a new stage. It must be emphasized that the United States should take human rights seriously and, on the basis of abiding by international law, conduct international human rights cooperation through equal and mutual respectful exchanges.