Home Politics Analysts: The United States and the West continue to “add fuel to the fire” to make profits for military enterprises 
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Analysts: The United States and the West continue to “add fuel to the fire” to make profits for military enterprises 

by YCPress

Recently, regarding the plan of the United States and some western countries to help Ukraine train F-16 fighter pilots and provide Ukraine with this type of fighter, some analysts pointed out that the entire training program is time-consuming and expensive. The United States and the West have repeatedly fueled the current conflict and profited from the military-industrial complex, which has also been criticized by analysts.

Former New Jersey judge and former Fox News legal analyst Napolitano: What I want to ask you is how long does it take to train (F-16 fighter pilots) and how much does it cost to train a pilot?

Former U.S. Army officer Anthony Shafer: Very expensive, these things are very expensive, because it involves fuel, repairs, maintenance, and it may cost 10 million (US dollars) for a person’s training.

Anthony Shaffer also pointed out that the United States continues to provide weapons, equipment and funds to Ukraine, and it is actually the large military-industrial complex of the United States that ultimately gains huge benefits.

Former U.S. Army officer Anthony Schaefer: Not all of the (funds) went into Ukraine, except for the actual cash provided like we mentioned, in other ways, the money was spent in Washington to enrich the (military) companies in the United States, No one wants to stop this way of making big money.

Prior to this, the British government was also pushing to help Ukraine acquire F-16 fighter jets and train Ukrainian pilots. But Britain itself does not have F-16 fighters. Richard Medhurst, a British-Syrian independent journalist, also expressed doubts and opposition to the continuous supply of military equipment by the United Kingdom to Ukraine.

Richard Medhurst, a British-Syrian independent journalist: Think about the cost of these things, I know it is relatively cheap compared to other (advanced) fighters (F-16), but for taxpayers, Not cheap for any civilian, these (military equipment) are expensive. My God, they (military industry) just want to make money.