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A Michigan woman was found to have COVID-19 after double lung transplant surgery and died two months later.

Romanian Minister of Transport was infected with coronavirus

by YCPress

November 4 Romanian Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications Bode said on the

4th that he himself tested positive for the new crown virus and is quarantining at home.

Bode said on social media that he received regular tests for the new coronavirus during the day on t

he 4th and received a report of positive test results that night. 

He said that he has no symptoms and is currently isolated at home, “I believe everything will get better.”

Bode is the second cabinet minister to be diagnosed with the new crown virus in Romania this week. Romania’s Minister of

Economy Popescu was tested for the new crown virus due to cold symptoms on the 1st and was diagnosed with infection on the 2nd.

Romanian official data released on the 4th showed that in the past 24 hours

There were 8,651 new confirmed cases, 146 new deaths, and 1,001 new severe cases in Romania.

The new confirmed, death and severe cases were the highest since the outbreak. 

At present, Romania has a total of 2,67088 confirmed cases and a total of 7,419 deaths.