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The Dutch "ban" measures were extended to March

Lebanon considers “closing the city” again

by YCPress

In Lebanon, the number of new confirmed cases of new crowns in a single day has remained at a high of 1,000.

The caretaker government of the country is considering a second “closed city.”

The Lebanese State News Agency quoted Hamad Hassan, the Minister of Health of the Caretaker Government

As saying on the 3rd that the country has a shortage of intensive care beds and the epidemic situation is extremely severe.

According to data from the World Health Organization at the end of October, Lebanon has a total of 306 intensive care beds

Of which 88% are in use. An explosion in Beirut port in August severely damaged several major hospitals in the capital, making the fight against the epidemic even more difficult. 

The latest data shows that this country with a population of 6 million has accumulated more than 83,000 confirmed cases of new crown and a total of 652 deaths.

Lebanon implemented a nationwide “city closure” in March to effectively curb the spread of the epidemic. There were only dozens of new cases in a single day in early summer, but it has rebounded rapidly recently. In early October, the country began to implement targeted blockade measures in hundreds of towns and villages.

As the infection rate is still rising, after ordering the closure of bars and nightclubs, the Lebanese government decided to implement a night curfew from the 2nd.

The Minister of the Interior of the Lebanese Caretaker Government Mohamed Fahmi said in a TV interview on the 1st that although many people would rather contract the new crown virus than go hungry, he is inclined to implement a “closed city” across the country again.

On the 1st, an industry organization composed of owners of the catering industry also called for “closing the city” for two weeks as soon as possible, on the grounds that “November is better than December (Christmas) holidays.”