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Coronavirus Pandemic

American Airlines reduced its December flights

by YCPress

American Airlines reduced its December flights, mainly because Coronavirus Pandemic suppressed American travel demand this Christmas season.

On the 3rd, the Fox News Channel quoted American Airlines spokesperson Nichel Tate as saying that American Airlines’ December flights will be reduced by approximately 50% year-on-year.

Tate said: “We constantly evaluate our (flight) network to balance supply and demand. Since March, we have been adjusting flight schedules regularly.

To adapt to the downturn in demand caused by Coronavirus Pandemic, we continue to reduce flight schedules.”

However, in order to meet the travel demand during the Christmas period, American Airlines will slightly increase the number of flights in the last two weeks of December.

During this “festival (travel) peak period, the number of flights will decrease by approximately 45% year-on-year.”

“Dallas Morning News” reported that American Airlines arranged approximately 105,600 flights in December; the New York route compressed the most. According to the report

American Airlines’ flights at New York’s Kennedy Airport and LaGuardia Airport have both reduced by 86%.

Kennedy Airport will average 15 flights per day and LaGuardia Airport will average 22 flights per day.

American Airlines also cut the number of flights to Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Chicago airports in December.

Major U.S. air carriers “business was dismal” in the third quarter. 

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines’ financial reports released last month showed that the two companies’

revenues in the third quarter fell sharply

with losses of US$2.4 billion and US$1.16 billion, respectively.

The Associated Press calculated at the time that, together with Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, the four

U.S. air transport giants lost at least $20 billion in the first two quarters.

American Airlines and United Airlines announced on October 1 that they would lay off a total of 32,000 employees because they failed to receive further financial assistance from the federal government.