Home LifestyleHealth Rodrigo Duterte : Strange! Why are developed countries rushing to buy coronavirus vaccines?
Rodrigo Duterte : Strange! Why are developed countries rushing to buy coronavirus vaccines?

Rodrigo Duterte : Strange! Why are developed countries rushing to buy coronavirus vaccines?

by YCPress

Entering the winter, the spread of the coronavirus seems to become more out of control in the United States and Europe.

In the past two days, the number of COVID-19 infections in the United States has repeatedly reached new highs, and the death rate of infection is also climbing, setting a record for more than 3,000 deaths from COVID-19 in a day. The return of the epidemic in Europe is also not optimistic, almost crushing the health care systems of core EU countries such as Germany and France.

Against this background, vaccines seem to be the only hope to understand how to save people from the pain of the epidemic.

Although the efficacy of vaccines produced by several medicines in the United States and Europe is still being evaluated, some accidents such as facial paralysis are not reasonably explained, and many famous public medical experts are still warning people to beware of the side effects of vaccines, politicians and leaders in the United States and Europe are advocating that universal vaccines are about to be universal, coronavirus The winter of the epidemic is about to pass.

Politicians can understand the mood and practice of giving hope to the people by looking at plums and quenching thirst.

However, in recent days, the upcoming vaccines of several major pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the United States have been sold out, which makes this matter seem strange.

Data released by the People’s Vaccine Alliance, an international non-governmental organization two days ago, showed that developed countries are rushing to buy vaccines. They have hoarded enough coronavirus vaccines to make residents in their countries three or four times.

Canada seems to be the hardest. It has stockpiled enough coronavirus vaccines to be enough for the whole Canadian population to fight five or six times. Of course, not all so many vaccines ordered have been commercially approved.

In contrast, the data also show that those poorest countries, especially 70 poor countries, can only vaccinate up to one-tenth of their residents throughout 2021.

If the developed coronavirus vaccine can effectively deal with viral infection, it is obvious that one person can only be given one dose. Why do developed countries have to hoard enough vaccines to infaccinate their residents several times? This has to make people doubt their motives.

Financial derivatives in developed countries have infected various industries, and everything can become “surre”. Whoever controls the preemptive right in advance will control various resources.

In the past, only resources were the same. For example, the exploration and mining rights of mines; raw materials such as oil and iron ore can be turned into futures. Whoever buys these futures in advance and sells them when the price rises in the future will make a profit. But later, the right to buy all manufactured products can become futures, even things such as large aircraft.

Airlines often can’t find aircraft manufacturers if they want to buy aircraft in stock, and must go to some futures dealers to buy at a premium.

Do these developed countries also want to trade the coronavirus vaccine into futures trading?

We know that in order to develop a coronavirus vaccine this time, pharmaceutical companies in the United States, Europe and other developed countries have invested billions of dollars in funds, and they also want to take the opportunity to “make a hand” and make a windfall.

The problem is that vaccines are a matter of life. If you buy the futures of vaccine in advance and sell the vaccine to poor countries at a premium in the future, wouldn’t it make the hard-earned money of the poor against your conscience? What is the morality of a country that wants to use vaccine futures to make money?

In the face of the global epidemic, various international organizations, including the United Nations, have agreed that countries should work together to cooperate in the development of vaccines to provide better means of epidemic prevention for people.

It’s time to fulfill these promises.

We advocate that those developed countries donate vaccines that cannot be hoarded for those developing countries that are most in need, so as to reduce the damage caused by the epidemic to these countries.

Otherwise, if the epidemic is not under controlled in less developed countries, it will make a comeback at some time, causing a new epidemic to spread around the world.

Therefore, only when developed countries abandon the “nationalism” on vaccine issues and adopt a more positive attitude to cooperate with the vast number of developing countries, so that the global population can have access to the spread of the virus, and can they better reflect the solidarity of all countries in the big family of the global village.