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Policeman in Philippines was killed by a rooster

Policeman in Philippines was killed by a rooster

by YCPress

According to a report on the website of Russian Television Today (RT) on the 27th, during a raid on illegal cockfighting activities in Northern Samar, a Philippine police officer was cut by a cock and died of excessive blood loss in his femoral artery.

Local police launched a raid on illegal cockfighting activities in San Jose on Monday. Police officer Christian Bolok suffered a fatal attack on the left thigh when he caught the rooster. The cock’s claws are also tied with the spurs used in cockfighting—a long, sharp blade. Although Bollock was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was sent to the hospital because of excessive bleeding from the wound and was pronounced dead. Bollock served as the police chief of the town.

At the press conference, police chief Anil Ampud described the terrible incident as “an unfortunate accident and bad luck that I cannot explain.”

“This is the first time I lost a police officer due to cockfighting in my 25 years as a police officer.” He continued, expressing condolences to Bollock’s family on behalf of the police station.

Police officer Christian Bolok

In this event, three men were arrested and the police seized seven chickens, including the murderous rooster, two sets of bladed spurs and 550 Philippine pesos ($11). The other three participants fled before being arrested and are still at large.

Cockfighting in the Philippines is a billion-dollar industry and a very popular sport. The men are keen to participate in gambling about the results of cockfighting. There are approximately 2,500 cockfighting venues nationwide, and there is even a cockfighting “Super Bowl” (Super Bowl) game held in an arena that can accommodate 20,000 people in Manila for more than a week. These activities drew outrage from animal rights organizations.

However, due to the new coronavirus pandemic, it has been banned by the government along with many other entertainment activities. In August of this year, the Northern Samar Provincial Government warned people not to try to hold cockfighting illegally, saying that four people had contracted the virus due to participating in unauthorized cockfighting.