Home Politics More than 300 students were missing in an attack on a secondary school in Nigeria.
A girls' school in Nigeria was attacked by gunmen. Dozens of female students were kidnapped.

More than 300 students were missing in an attack on a secondary school in Nigeria.

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More than 300 students were missing in an attack on a secondary school in Nigeria.

Accra, December 13 Abuja News: Aminu Massari, Governor of Kazina State in northwest Nigeria, said on the 13th that a boarding secondary school in the state was attacked by unidentified militants a few days ago, and 333 students are still missing.

According to Massari, the attack occurred on the evening of the 11th, and a total of 839 students were attacked in the secondary school.

After the attack, some of the escaped students returned to school.

Some of the students who are currently missing have been kidnapped by militants, and some have disappeared after fleeing.

Massari said that security personnel are searching for missing students or trying to contact their parents, and the specific number of abducted students is being verified.

So far, no organization has announced that the attack was caused.

All boarding schools in the state have been closed, and the police are chasing down the militants.

Nigerian President Buhari issued a statement on the 12th condemning the attack and ordering the Nepali security department to make every effort to track down the attackers and ensure the safety of students.

More than 300 students were attacked in Nigerian secondary schools and disappeared. The escaped boy revealed the details of the terrorist kidnapping.

The family of the kidnapped student (Reuters)

December 14th – On the evening of the 11th local time, a boarding secondary school in northwest Nigeria was attacked by unidentified armed AK47 militants. Hundreds of students were kidnapped, and more than 300 students are still missing.

On the 13th, desperate parents gathered on campus and asked the government to find hundreds of kidnapped children. And some lucky boys also told the horror of being kidnapped.

The family of the kidnapped student (Reuters)

According to the British Daily Mail, Reuters and other media reports, 17-year-old Ahaya escaped on the 12th. He said he sneaked away while the kidnappers moved the students to different places in the forest near the school.

Another person who fled and returned to his parents was 18-year-old Mahler, who told AFP that a total of 520 people were taken away from school by gunmen.

“After they took us, they asked the older students to count, and finally count to 520,” Mahler said, noting that the students were split into groups before he and four other hostages escaped. One of the gunmen kept hitting me because I was not in good health and couldn’t keep up with others.

Later, he let me follow me and gave me a chance to escape.

The family of the kidnapped students (AP)

On the 13th, a large number of desperate parents gathered in the school where the accident happened, begging the government to find the boys kidnapped by the gunmen.

Laval’s two of the three sons of this school have unfortunately disappeared. He said that he had been praying for the children to be saved since the 12th.

A Kazina state spokesman said that the children “will not rest” until they are found, and the heads of the military and intelligence services are leading the rescue operation.

A spokesman for the President of Nigeria also issued a statement saying that the military, with the support of air forces, has found a gathering place for kidnappers in the forests of the Kankara region, and the two sides have exchanged fire in the continuous operation. It is still impossible to know how many students have been taken away and whether anyone has been rescued.