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Survey shows that nearly 30% of London renters plan to move out due to the pandemic.

by YCPress

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the daily lives of many people and made some people think about how to live in the future.

According to a British survey, nearly 30% of renters in London are considering moving out of London after the pandemic, including reasons such as telecommuting is more popular and wanting to have more outdoor space.

According to the survey of London renters, SpareRoom, a rental platform, reported on the 12th that 27% of renters plan to move out of London; 13% even consider never moving back, more than half of whom said that they did not intend to move to other big cities, but would give up urban life and move.

Live in a small coastal town or country.

The survey also shows that during the pandemic, nearly a quarter of renters between the ages of 23 and 29 have lost their jobs or refunded their rents to save money, and many of them chose to live with their parents.

SpareRoom director Matt Hutchinson said: “We are redrawing the map of renting in the UK in 2021, and London will become the biggest loser.

Whether it’s in terms of the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the tourism industry, the food and lodging industry and the humanities and arts, or lifestyle factors such as the need for more outdoor space, even just because many jobs can now be done at home, London life is losing its appeal to many people.”

Hutchinson also pointed out that rents in London have declined since this spring, while rents in other parts of England and Wales have risen slightly during the same period.

He said: “As telecommuting becomes the new normal, this may be the beginning of the British economy’s reduced dependence on London and the southeastern part of the United Kingdom.”