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Rwanda’s health minister said that the pandemic in his country has entered a “dangerous phase”

by YCPress

December 13 The Rwandan Ministry of Health said on the 13th that the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the country is currently soaring, while the number of deaths is also increasing, and the Rwanda pandemic has entered a “dangerous stage”.

He called on all people to abide by the coronavirus pandemic prevention measures and avoid going to crowded places and attending social gatherings when unnecessary.

Speaking on the 13th, Ngamij said in an interview program about the pandemic on the country’s national radio and television station that since Lu lifted the national “lockdown” measures and opened up economic activities, the people have been seriously slack in pandemic prevention, and more and more people have neglected the pandemic prevention regulations such as social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands, resulting in the current diagnosis of diseases.

The number of cases has soared. As the Christmas holiday approaches, the slack of pandemic prevention may cause more people to be infected with the novel coronavirus.

He also said that Rwanda is expected to receive a coronavirus vaccine in about three months, becoming one of the first countries in Africa to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

After the arrival of the vaccine, Rwanda will start vaccination in batches, and the first batch of vaccinations will be targeted at high-risk groups and patients with basic diseases.

On the 13th, Rwanda added 100 new confirmed cases, a total of 6,528 confirmed cases, 56 deaths and 5,892 cured.