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Manitoba Canada considers curfew to control the spread of pandemic

Manitoba Canada considers curfew to control the spread of pandemic

by YCPress

(Source: Reuters)

November 3rd Canadian CBC report on the 2nd, Brian Pallister, the governor of Manitoba, Canada, said he would increase law enforcement against the Coronavirus pandemic, and said that he is “seriously considering” a curfew.

On the 2nd, the area entered a critical stage of the pandemic prevention plan. In addition to other restrictions, cinemas, libraries, sports facilities, restaurants, bars, etc. are also required to be closed for at least two weeks. 

Due to multiple outbreaks of the pandemic, the hospital and intensive care unit systems have been overwhelmed, and visit applications have been suspended. 

Pallister believes that the previous strengthening of law enforcement has been ineffective and suggests that more people need to be fined. He said that he plans to release more details about the law enforcement plan later this week, requesting people to participate in investigations about curfews online.

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman said that the city government learned of the possible curfew on the 2nd, but there are no details about its implementation. “If the province thinks this is the right approach, I will encourage them to implement it in time, instead of having to wait until the next day to investigate.” He said, “This virus will not wait for us.”

On the other hand, some people criticized the province for not responding in time to the second wave of the pandemic. Recently, two groups of doctors have written to the governor and the minister of health, urging them to act quickly to reduce the number of confirmed cases, otherwise they will encounter “serious danger.”

Lannett Sirragusa, Chief Nursing Officer of the Shared Health Association of Manitoba, said that 50 health care workers tested positive last week. As of the 2nd, Manitoba’s intensive care The ward utilization rate reached 94%. Of the 75 intensive care beds that have been used, nearly a quarter are patients with new coronary pneumonia, and various other operations have been suspended.