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Philippine military intercepted and killed 7 terrorists at sea

Philippines government forces killed 7 Abu Sayyaf militants

by YCPress

Manila November 3The Philippines military said on the 3rd that the Philippines government forces blocked a speedboat armed with the extremist organization Abu Sayyaf in the waters near Sulu Province in the early morning of the same day, with 7 people on board.

The militants were shot dead.

The Sulu area commander of the Philippines military’s joint task force, Gonzalez, said that there was intelligence that a group of Abu Sayyaf militants attempted to kidnap the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines.

The military used helicopters and a multi-purpose assault ship to block the fire. The process lasted nearly 25 minutes.

Gonzalez said that the military will continue to use all available forces to eliminate Abu Sayyaf militants.

The Abu Sayyaf armed forces were formed in the early 1990s. They mainly operate in Sulu Province and other southern regions of the Philippines. They have carried out many attacks and kidnappings, and once claimed allegiance to the extremist organization “Islamic State.” 

According to the estimates of the Philippines military, the Abu Sayyaf armed forces currently have 300 to 400 members.