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Foreign media: parties in Libya reached a “permanent ceasefire agreement”

by YCPress

Overseas Network, October 23. According to a report by Arab state-owned television (AlArabiya), the Libyan UN mission announced on social media that all parties in Libya have reached a “permanent ceasefire agreement in all regions of Libya.”

According to previous reports, on October 23, the United Nations Acting Special Envoy for Libya, Stephanie Williams, said on the 21st that she believed that the negotiations between the two sides of the Libyan conflict in Geneva, Switzerland, were “very optimistic” and hoped that the North African country would achieve a lasting ceasefire.

The fourth round of talks of the Libyan Joint Military Commission started on the 19th and is expected to last until the 24th. Williams told reporters during the meeting that the two parties in the conflict agreed to “maintain the current calm state on the front line and avoid any military escalation.” The negotiations will determine the situation in central Libya and lay the foundation for a ceasefire.

Williams said: “This is why I am very optimistic that both parties will reach a more lasting and permanent ceasefire agreement.”

The Libyan National Unity Government and the National Assembly announced a ceasefire in August, calling for the establishment of a demilitarized zone in the central city of Sirte and the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections.