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On a flight from Detroit to Washington on the evening of October 22, many passengers watched the live debate. Picture from the Internet

Is Coronavirus in US Over? Trump and Biden give different answers in their last debate !

by YCPress

October 22, local time, with only 12 days left before the polling day of the US presidential election, Republican candidate Trump and Democratic candidate Biden “handed in hand” for the last time.

Because Trump was infected with the new crown, the two had one less face-to-face PK than originally planned, so the final debate was more heated and topical. From the performance point of view, both of them are prepared.

This video taken in Arlington, Virginia, USA on October 22 shows US President Trump (left) and Democratic presidential candidate Biden (right) participating in the last presidential candidate in Nashville, Tennessee Television debate.

Compared with the chaos of the first debate, this debate seems to be more “normal”-the rule of “shut in without speaking” is adopted to reduce arbitrary interruptions and interruptions; Trump no longer advertises himself as a “naked exam”, and Biden Offense and defense come and go.

After the argument, both of them declared their victory. However, in the special political environment this year, public opinion generally does not believe that this debate will play a decisive role in the election.

The two sides gave different judgments on the epidemic

The debate lasted about 90 minutes. The debate covered topics including the new crown epidemic, national security, medical insurance, immigration, race, economy, climate change, etc., all of which can be regarded as the most concerned and most “tipped” hot topics in the United States.

“How to lead the United States to fight the epidemic” is the first question raised by the host. Trump and Biden have diametrically opposed judgments on the prospects of the US epidemic.

Trump said that the U.S. epidemic is “turning around and is about to subside” and that a vaccine will be available soon. He did not elaborate on his next stage of anti-epidemic plan, only emphasized that the economy should be opened up and schools should be resumed, and he accused Biden of advocating “locking the country.”

Biden cited the latest data on the US epidemic, saying that the US “will enter a dark winter . ” He strongly criticized Trump’s leadership for failing to fight the epidemic and accused Trump of spreading false information. Biden then described his anti-epidemic plan, including encouraging people to wear masks, strengthening rapid testing, and formulating national standards to restart the economy and campuses.

It is quite ironic that the two sides are quite “unanimous” on one thing, which is to criticize the other for “corruption” in the debate while denying the corruption allegations against themselves.

Biden insisted that neither he nor his son Hunter profited from it when he was vice president. Trump denied that his taxes were too low, saying that he actually paid high taxes in advance.

The winner judged by the audience turned out to be…

On a flight from Detroit to Washington on the evening of October 22, many passengers watched the live debate. Picture from the Internet

As a newly introduced rule, the microphones of non-speakers are turned off during the personal statement of this debate, and the microphones of both parties are turned on at the free debate stage. This is to avoid a recurrence of the chaotic situation that Trump and Biden interjected and interrupted in their first debate. Some American media commented that there were fewer casual interruptions and fewer personal attacks. The debate between the two was finally “normal”.

After the argument, both teams claimed that they were victorious and cited various polls to support them. The Trump campaign said in a statement that Trump exposed Biden as a Washington politician who just said nothing. Biden’s campaign team stated that Biden has proven that he has the judgment, experience and temperament that can lead the United States to overcome multiple crises and achieve unity.

However, on social media, netizens chose the “winner”—Christen Welk, the host of the debate that day and the White House reporter for the National Broadcasting Corporation. Wallace, the host who was very helpless throughout the last debate, even said that he was “envious, jealous, and hateful” for Welker’s performance.

But is it too late?

Analysts believe that because of the polarization of the political environment in the United States, a large number of voters have made long-term choices; and because of the seriousness of the new crown epidemic in the United States, many voters are unwilling to get together and vote on the “normal day” of November 3, but choose to vote in advance or by mail Due to the combined effects of these two factors, Trump and Biden’s last fight in the ring had limited impact on the election.

Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Political Studies at the University of Virginia, said on social media that the two sides are using more debates to consolidate their respective camps’ support. It is hard to say that the debate itself will have a big impact on the election. There are not many voters who can be persuaded or have yet to decide who to support.

According to poll data from the US “True Transparent Politics” website, as of the evening of the 22nd, Biden leads Trump in national polls by an average of 7.9 percentage points, but in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and other key “swings” State”, Biden’s average advantage over Trump is 4.1 percentage points.