Home Politics Liberation Army advances to occupy 300 square kilometers of land Lieutenant General: The situation may escalate again
Liberation Army advances to occupy 300 square kilometers of land Lieutenant General: The situation may escalate again

Liberation Army advances to occupy 300 square kilometers of land Lieutenant General: The situation may escalate again

by YCPress

Bloomberg reported on November 2 that India’s former Northern Army lieutenant commander Huda reported that the Chinese army was still advancing in the past few months, forcing China and India to actually draw a new “front”.

The two “disputed areas” of Depsang Plain and Bangong Lake totaled about 300 square kilometers of land control. Hu Da also emphasized that both China and India are ready for winter deployment, which means that the situation may escalate again.

Bloomberg specifically asked Indian Prime Minister Modi for the information provided by the Indian Army lieutenant general.

However, Modi’s office kicked the “ball” to the Indian Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and neither of these two departments finally made any decisions. Any answer. 

Bloomberg, who was eager to verify, then threw the news to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and China made it clear that it would not comment on information that “has no clear source and cannot be verified.”

That is to say, the remarks made by the Indian Army Lieutenant General Huda cannot be confirmed from any channels for the time being, or can only be regarded as Indian side words, but it is certain that even if the Indian army has done a good job in winter deployment, sticking to the so-called ”

“Disputed areas” and preparations for a long-term confrontation with the People’s Liberation Army are absolutely impossible to take advantage of. This can be fully explained by the fact that the People’s Liberation Army has also made preparations for winter stationing and deployment.

In fact, in addition to the determination that the PLA will not let India take advantage, it can also be determined that China has demonstrated its determination to safeguard territorial sovereignty. 

Not long ago, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin, said at a regular press conference that China does not recognize the so-called “Central Territory of Ladakh” illegally established by India.

Many media said that this is the first time that China has clearly stated that the “Ladakh” region does not belong to India. This also means that China has shown its determination to safeguard the issue of territorial sovereignty.

Generally speaking, China has made sufficient preparations. No matter how India acts as a demon, it is impossible to change China’s determination to safeguard territorial sovereignty.

Instead, India should think about how to negotiate and resolve the confrontation issue through dialogue as soon as possible. The various social contradictions in China have reached the point of burning eyebrows.

If you continue to mess around on the Sino-Indian border, I am afraid that you will only end up with “fire players who will burn themselves.”

We must know that the current cumulative number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus pandemic in India is approaching 8.23 ​​million, and the death toll has also reached 122,000.

If the Modi authorities still don’t recognize the issue that the focus of work should be tilted there, the contradictions accumulated in Indian society will inevitably increase.

The more serious it is, in other words the more the Modi government messes around on the border issue, the more Indians will be dragged into a deeper crisis.

In addition, under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the Indian economy has not only experienced a cliff-like decline, but also caused tens of millions of ordinary Indians into a wave of unemployment. 

This alone has laid the blame for the turmoil in Indian society. If the Modi authorities do not pay attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic to change the current economic situation, then Modi will become the biggest culprit when social conflicts break out.

Based on China’s determination to safeguard its territorial sovereignty and India’s own status quo

we advise the Modi authorities not to be a person playing with fire, and to avoid setting fire to harm not only the Indian people but also themselves, so I sincerely remind them to look far ahead and show sincerity as soon as possible.

the border confrontation issue through dialogue, and then work with China to develop common interests for the benefit of the two peoples.