Home Politics Immigrate if Trump wins. The USD was in trouble at the critical moment
Immigrate if Trump wins. The USD was in trouble at the critical moment

Immigrate if Trump wins. The USD was in trouble at the critical moment

by YCPress

In the early morning of November 3, local time, as voters in the northeastern state of New Hampshire began voting, voting on election day in the United States officially began. 

Although the results are not yet known, many American media have begun to predict and even deduced the situation in the United States after the election.

If Trump wins, the Americans will “flee the United States”?

“USA Today” website reported on November 3 that some Americans said that if Trump is elected, they will consider moving to another country. 

According to the report, according to Gallup polls in 2019, the number of Americans who wanted to “flee the United States” hit a new high during President Trump’s administration. 

In 2017 and 2018, 16% of Americans again expressed their desire to move to other countries permanently, which is higher than the average during Bush (11%) or Obama (10%) administrations.

Among Americans eager to leave the United States permanently, the number of young women is rising. Research shows that, in fact, 40% of women under 30 want to leave the country. 

Gallup’s survey also revealed that Canada is the preferred destination for Americans who intend to immigrate. In September, a related report provided by search engines stated that searches for “how to apply for Canadian citizenship” surged after the first “noisy” presidential debate.

No matter who wins, there may be “problems” with the dollar?

In addition to the immigration issue, the New York Times published an article focusing on the future of the two parties in the United States after the election. 

The article stated that no matter who wins, the Democrats will split between the young progressives and the moderate older ones, and the Republican Party, which has been redefined by Trump, will also begin to weigh the next step. 

The problems faced by the parties on both sides are wide-ranging, and despite the turbulent presidential campaign for more than a year, these problems remain largely unresolved.

In addition, Reuters also mentioned that investors and analysts said that no matter who wins the US presidential election, the long-term fate of the hit dollar is unlikely to be improved. 

According to reports, despite the recent rebound, the U.S. dollar index is still down about 9% from its March high and may usher in its worst year since 2017.

The report also said that if Trump stays in office for another four years, it may provide a less clear path for the dollar. Analysts said that although Trump’s attitude towards China may increase the potential of the US dollar as a safe haven, these gains may be offset by factors such as continued negative US real yields.

In addition, Trump has also criticized the strong dollar for most of his tenure, complaining that it has given other countries an unfair trade advantage.

The European media has a clear attitude and cannot let Trump continue

It is worth mentioning that the European media scotsman website reported that if Trump defeats Biden, the United States and the world will pay a high price. 

According to reports, progressives in Europe and the United Kingdom hope that a new leadership will emerge in the White House and end the breathtaking incompetence and recklessness of the past four years.

Trump is also constantly breaking records. In the words of columnist Greg Sargent, in the past four years, Trump has issued 20,000 false statements, lies, or misleading statements.

He “relentlessly Lying to everything literally in control”. Trump’s handling of the new crown virus has tilted the balance to Biden. The most serious accusation against Trump is that he is responsible for the unnecessary death of thousands of Americans, which highlights his failure. 

The four years of Trump’s administration have been extremely destructive, and if another four years pass, this may be devastating to the United States and the international order.