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iPhone 13 Pro exposed

iPhone 13 Pro exposed

by YCPress

Recently, news broke the news about the parameter information of Apple’s next new machine, the iPhone 13 Pro, which made the majority of netizens a feast for their eyes. Everyone says: iPhone 12 is not fragrant, iPhone 13 is fragrant. So, what is the highlight of the iPhone 13 Pro?

The appearance of the iPhone has not changed much in the past few years. Apple has mainly improved the details to improve the user experience. 

The iPhone 12 series released this year uses a classic three-dimensional frame, but the iPhone 13 Pro concept design drawing has returned to a 2.5D curved frame. 

In fact, although such a design is not as good as a three-dimensional frame in terms of visual effects, it has a better feel. Using surgical grade stainless steel, the arc increases the contact area with the palm and reduces the chance of getting out of the hand. 

Therefore, the improvement in details of iPhone 13 Pro is always just right.

iPhone 13 Pro exposed!  This is the "Thirteen Incense" Wang Shouyi said?

The biggest surprise is the screen

iPhone 13 Pro completely canceled the bangs. Sooner or later, such an ugly design will be cancelled, and no Android phone still uses such a backward design. 

Therefore, the cancellation of Liu Haiping is the general trend. After the cancellation, there is a very troublesome problem, that is, how to solve the 3D face recognition. 

This iPhone 13 Pro hides the front lens under the screen, and designs the 3D face recognition component on the black side of the forehead after miniaturization. In this way, a true full-screen design is realized. 

No bangs and no punches are really full screen, and the screen-to-body ratio exceeds 95%.

You should know that the black borders of previous generations of iPhone were very rough, but the black borders of iPhone 13 Pro almost disappeared. 

The chin part is simply too narrow

The screen-to-body ratio is increased in all aspects of the details, so that the iPhone 13 Pro is really worth buying. 

After reading it, did you feel that the iPhone 12 was bought too early? The screen specifications are also very powerful, supporting 2K resolution, and finally using the 90Hz and 120Hz screen refresh rates, which are automatically adjusted according to different screens. 

This intelligent design is also in line with Apple’s style.

The iPhone 13 Pro will be equipped with the A15 processor.

This time it will continue to cooperate with Qualcomm and will be equipped with the Snapdragon X60 baseband.

The two most important chips are based on the 5nm process technology. However, Apple A15 will further improve low-power management and reduce unnecessary power consumption. 

The battery capacity has also been greatly improved, and the battery life is at least 30% higher than that of the iPhone 12 Pro. There will also be explosive growth in GPU and CPU performance.

After reading this, what do you think of the strength of this iPhone 13 Pro? Is it really as “thirteen fragrances” as leave us a comment bellow.