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Indian media VS American media .. do not appreciate

Indian media VS American media .. do not appreciate

by YCPress

Since the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Biden was announced to have won more than 270 electoral votes, certain Indian media operations have made many Indian netizens amused.

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Just after the U.S. media announced Biden’s “victory”, in India, thousands of miles away from the United States, many people were beating the gong for the “victory” of the Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who is of Indian descent. Celebrated with drums and excitedly called him “the daughter of India” and “the pride of our village.”

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According to reports, Harris’ mother is an immigrant of Indian descent, in addition to half of her Jamaican descent. Although Harris, who was born and raised in California, United States, has never lived in India, this does not prevent the Indian village that claims to be her “hometown” from “cheering” for her being declared the election. Many Indian media also reported the incident with a rather proud tone.

If there is some basis for finding Harris to “climb relatives”, what most people did not expect was that even if Biden, whose ancestors had been living in the United States, the Indian media found him an “Indian relative.”

Since November 8, many Indian media, including “India Today” and “Indian Economic Times”, have tacitly found out what Biden had said from his previous speeches concerning India. The words “I may have relatives in India” are actively “finding relatives” for this American who may become the next president.

With the unremitting efforts of these media, they finally locked a suspected employee of the East India Company named George Biden, who thought he might be Biden’s ” great, great, great-great-grandfather .”

There is even more speculation in the Indian media whether Biden will support India in the Sino-Indian conflict after he takes office. What impact will this have on China-India relations? Some media also expect that Biden will give more Indians the opportunity to go to the United States.

Many Indian media even directly declared that Biden is the “link” of US-India relations in the “post-Trump era”, which is “for India”. good news”.

However, just when these Indian media were complacent about their powerful digging and standing abilities, Indian netizens could not sit still. Most of the messages in these news said that such chaotic “climbing relatives” is not only suspicious and meaningless, but also seems too flattering.

Many critics have pointedly pointed out that these so-called “blood relations” will not change Biden and Harris’ stance on India at all, and are nothing more than wishful thinking.

And Pakistani netizens, who have always “didn’t deal with” India, have not let go of this great opportunity. One of the messages mockedly said, “The media who praised Trump at the beginning are eager to’change themselves to a new father’!”.

Not only did the “comrades” lose face, but the American “colleagues” of these Indian media also did not appreciate it. The New York Times, which has always supported the Democratic Party, when faced with the Indian media’s “congratulations” to its camp, it also mentioned in the article that this “relative relationship” may not be reliable and may not have a substantial impact on US-India relations. .

“New York Times”

What’s even more disappointing is that Wellman, an American media person, also pulled out an earlier speech by Biden, which criticized India’s policy on its Muslim groups.

And under the news that the “New York Times” reported that Indians prayed for Harris to celebrate, quite a lot of American netizens felt “unexplainable” and accused this kind of news as “nonsensical”. One commented: “It’s Americans (using voting). Decide who wins and who loses”.