Home Politics Ethiopian “Tiren Front” claims to have attacked Eritrea airport
Ethiopian "Tiren Front" claims to have attacked Eritrea airport

Ethiopian “Tiren Front” claims to have attacked Eritrea airport

by YCPress

Addis Ababa, November 15 (Reporter Wang Shoubao) The Ethiopian “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” (“Tiren Front”) said on the 15th that its armed forces attacked the Eritrean capital Asmara Airport and other facilities.

Getaqiu Raida, a member of the Executive Committee of the “Third People’s Front”, posted the above news on social media that day. He claimed that these facilities were used to attack the “Tiren Array”.

Witnesses in Eritrea told Xinhua that Asmara was hit by a suspected rocket on the night of the 14th, and at least three loud explosions were heard.

Eritrean officials have not yet released information on this.

Earlier, the “Tiren Front” stated that it would launch attacks on Asmara and other places in retaliation for Eritrea’s support of Ethiopian government forces in fighting the “Tiren Front”.

In recent days, the situation in northern Ethiopia has become increasingly tense. In the early morning of the 4th of this month, armed personnel of the “Tiren Front” attacked the National Defense Forces base in the northern Tigray state and attempted to snatch heavy weapons from the military. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy said on the 4th that the government has taken military action against the organization.

The “Tiren Front” is the core political party of the formerly ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, which actually controlled the state power. In December 2019, Prime Minister Abiyah formally established the new ruling party, the Ethiopian Prosperity Party, excluding the “promotion front”. Since then, the contradictions between the two parties have intensified.