Home Politics Erdogan expressed his opinion but he did not forget Trump
Erdogan expressed his opinion but he did not forget Trump

Erdogan expressed his opinion but he did not forget Trump

by YCPress

Reuters : Turkish President Erdogan congratulated Biden and his running partner Harris on Tuesday, congratulated them on their victory in the 2020 US presidential election, and expressed Turkey’s determination to cooperate closely with the new US government. Erdogan reiterated that Ankara is “determined to cooperate closely with the US government” in the future, and the “strong cooperation and alliance” between the two countries will continue to contribute to world peace.

According to the report, the tension between Turkey and the United States, the two NATO allies, has been escalating in recent years. The relationship between the two countries has encountered a series of problems, including Turkey’s procurement of the Russian S-400 air defense missile system, and policy differences on the Syrian issue. And Turkey’s detention of the staff of the US consulate in the country and US citizens. However, the personal relationship between Erdogan and Trump has prevented the two countries from deteriorating.

Congratulations to Biden On the same day, Erdogan also sent a message of thanks to the current US President Trump. Erdogan said, “Regardless of the official election results, I thank you for your sincere and firm vision for the development of relations between Turkey and the United States based on common interests and values ​​during your four-year term.” It is understood that Erdo Ann also thanked Trump for his “warm friendship.”

Erdogan and Trump Source: Associated Press

The US “Washington Post” stated that since the US media announced Biden’s victory in the general election last week, Turkey is one of the few countries that has not commented on Biden’s victory. A senior Turkish official said on the 9th that Ankara will wait until the legal challenge to the US election result is resolved and the election result is finally confirmed. It is not clear what caused Erdogan to change his mind.

However, some analysts believe that under the Biden administration, the tension between the United States and Turkey may deepen. Biden has a relatively pessimistic view of Turkey’s relations with Russia and military intervention in Syria and Libya.

Soli Ozer, a lecturer in international relations at Kadirhas University in Istanbul, said that Turkey is “not a dispensable partner” and he disagrees with those naive views that “think that he (Biden) hates Turkey. He may be The person in the U.S. government agency who knows Turkey best”. However, he also pointed out that the dispute over the Russian-made S-400 system and the US accusation of the Turkish state-owned bank Halkbank HALKB for evading US sanctions on Iran may cause relations to deteriorate during Biden’s tenure. In addition, Biden may also put pressure on Turkey on issues such as human rights and the rule of law.

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said earlier on Tuesday that Turkey looks forward to measures that “poisoned” Turkish relations with the United States. There are many opportunities to improve bilateral relations, including cooperation between the two countries to end the armed conflicts in Syria and Libya