Home Politics Johnson congratulates Biden on Twitter But The picture is not clean!
Johnson congratulates Biden on Twitter But The picture is not clean!

Johnson congratulates Biden on Twitter But The picture is not clean!

by YCPress

British “Guardian” report, when the British Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street congratulated Biden and Harris on winning the US election, it concealed the message of congratulating Trump for winning the second term.

When the mainstream American media announced that Biden was expected to be elected a few hours later, the British Prime Minister sent his congratulations to Biden through this message posted on Twitter in the form of pictures, and said that Harris had “historical achievements.”

Source: The Guardian

But this simple black and white text picture is much more complicated than it looks. A simple color adjustment can show the second message hidden in the background.

Behind the words “Biden was elected”, the shadow of “Trump was elected” is faintly visible. When the picture text reads “The United States is our most important ally, I look forward to working closely with the United States”, the hidden text of “the second term” appeared. Below the word “common priorities”, the shadow of the words “about the future of this country” appeared.

According to the report, the news was first reported by the Guido Fawkes blog, suggesting that the Johnson administration, long after Biden’s vote count in key battlefield states became clear, is still preparing to congratulate Trump on his successful re-election.

The report pointed out that modifying an existing image instead of creating a brand new image is confusing, and there has also been a situation where the original information is not completely deleted. This seems likely to be a problem between the British government and the next US government. Create more friction between.

A British government spokesperson said: “As you might expect, the two statements were prepared in advance for the results of this highly competitive American election. A technical error means that part of the replaced information is embedded in the picture. In the background.”

Previously, Biden had described Johnson as “a clone of Trump physically and emotionally.” This unforgettable description has thrown the relationship between the two into trouble.

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According to the report, this hidden information shows that 10 Downing Street was not sure who would be the ultimate winner, although Biden’s lead in key states is getting bigger and bigger, and Trump’s campaign team has also begun to grow stronger. More and more crazily legal proceedings to challenge the results of the vote counting.