Home Business CIIE : Global “Treasure Class” Gourmet Gathering-The CIIE Food and Agricultural Products Museum is all over the world’s treasures
CIIE : Global "Treasure Class" Gourmet Gathering-The CIIE Food and Agricultural Products Museum is all over the world's treasures

CIIE : Global “Treasure Class” Gourmet Gathering-The CIIE Food and Agricultural Products Museum is all over the world’s treasures

by YCPress

British afternoon tea, Italian wine, Thai tropical fruits, Korean turkey noodles, Zambian wild honey, Canadian lobster and coffee u2026u2026 The Food and Agricultural Products Pavilion of the 3rd China International Import Expo is home to the world’s “treasure-level” cuisine.

Envoys from many countries visited the scene and tried hard to promote their own delicacies. Exhibitors from all over the world are looking forward to finding the shortest link of “exhibits change into products”, so that local specialties can become “home cooking” for Chinese people as soon as possible.

The food and agricultural products pavilion of the CIIE becomes a gourmet “United Nations”4

This year’s CIIE Food and Agricultural Products Pavilion has almost been built into a gourmet “United Nations”.

With the theme of “Delicacy in the UK”, the British Pavilion of the CIIE will showcase more than 100 brands from all regions in the UK. In addition to special products such as vodka and gin, cereals, chocolate and butter biscuits from England, whiskey from Scotland, cider and apple juice from Northern Ireland, potato chips and corn flakes, the museum also brings English afternoon tea to the exhibition site .

Yaman Tea from London, together with British biscuit and chocolate brands, allows visitors to sit comfortably on the sofa and taste the newly brewed British black tea and oatmeal biscuits. According to Yuan Liren, a partner of Yaman Tea China, the company has brought cold brewed tea to meet the needs of young Chinese people. “Cold brewed tea is easy to brew, has a strong fruity aroma, is low in sugar and healthy.”

“In Italian cuisine, fine wine is indispensable.” The relevant person in charge of the Italian Zhongli Agricultural Group said, “We hope to use Italian grapes and fine wines as a match to allow Chinese people to experience Italian life.” The reporter saw in the exhibition hall that there were 20 Italians. The star wines of the production area are all on the scene: including the Gusheng Barbella red from the Piedmont area, the Gran Amaroni red from the Veneto production area, and the Lincai Primitibo from the Puglia production area. Among the nearly 100 Italian wines on display, many of them entered China for the first time.

Products from Canada and other countries have created new products adapted to the habits of Chinese consumers. Tims Coffee, a well-known Canadian brand, especially launched two coffees at this CIIE-Hanger Coffee and Freeze-Dried Coffee, to meet the coffee drinking habits and trends of Chinese consumers.

At the booth of Samyang Foods Co., Ltd., a unique noodle challenge is underway: whoever can eat a whole portion of turkey noodles with 3 times the spiciness will receive a small gift prepared by exhibitors. The relevant person in charge of Samyang Foods Co., Ltd. said that the company first met with customers in the form of a “turkey noodle pavilion” and produced a variety of flavors of turkey noodles for the customers to taste, so as to enhance the audience A sense of experience and an active atmosphere.

The ambassador personally brought the goods to promote the “famous food” of the country

It is worth noting that during the third CIIE, many diplomats organized a delegation to recommend “housekeeping products”.

“Slovenia has abundant sunshine, suitable climate and fertile soil. It is known for producing the world’s top quality wines.” Slovenia’s ambassador to China Su Lan grandly introduced Slovenia’s white wine and dry red wine to buyers in the Greenland Food Hall. “South African beef tastes fresh and tender and the meat is firm.” He Anna, South Africa’s consul general in Shanghai, specially made the “platform” for South African beef and other products that entered the Chinese market for the first time.

New Zealand’s Ambassador to China Fu Enlai and New Zealand’s Acting Consul General in Shanghai, Mark Wen, jointly promoted the mussels participating in the CIIE for the first time: mussels are a healthy food rich in protein, low fat and low calories. The unique emerald green shell enjoys the reputation of “Jade from the South Pacific”.

“This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand. This time Thailand’s participation in the CIIE has been elevated to a government action, which shows Thailand’s confidence in gaining more opportunities from China’s continued expansion of opening up.”

Li, Commercial Assistant, Commercial Division, Royal Thai Consulate General in Shanghai Zheng told reporters that, unlike the previous two sessions where the Thai Chamber of Commerce organized companies to participate in the CIIE, this year the International Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand selected and organized food companies and consumer goods companies to participate for the first time.

Exhibits become commodities: foreign specialties will become common people’s “home cooking”

“I have been here for 3 years, and I want to have another 3 years.” New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra brought a variety of “world premiere” and “China premiere” products at this CIIE. For example, Anjia Alcohol Yi Snow Top Cream, which no longer relies on cold chain logistics and can be stored at room temperature, was launched in the world at the CIIE. Zhou Dehan, CEO of Fonterra Greater China, expects that the company’s products can further increase the reach of the Chinese market by participating in the CIIE.

At present, the CIIE platform has become a gathering place for international commodity display. For the majority of international businessmen, how to find the shortest link of “exhibitions into commodities” in China, and continue to release the momentum and spillover effects of the CIIE platform has become a top priority.

Yeast is the “ace product” of the French company Lesaffre. The person in charge of the company said: “One out of every three breads in the world is made with Lesaffre yeast. We look forward to allowing Lesaffre’s u2018 swallow yeast u2019 to enter China’s thousands of homes through the CIIE platform. Ten thousand households.”

“During the 3rd CIIE, nearly 300 products of the same type from 12 countries and regions including Belgium, Germany, Russia, and Japan will be simultaneously put on the shelves of nearly 100 G-Super Greenland Premium Import Supermarkets across the country. For consumers u2018 off-site u2019 to try early.” Zhang Yuliang, chairman and president of Greenland Holding Group, said that Greenland Global Commodity Trade Port Group will help overseas companies quickly enter the Chinese market. “Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port is simultaneously working on the trade and retail sides to promote imported resources u2018 to spend the country u2019, so that consumers across the country can buy the same u2018 Jinbo u2019 at their doorstep.”

It is reported that the “internal and external synchronization” commodity categories at the CIIE include snack foods, beverages, dairy products, grains and oils, such as beer from Poland, grapeseed oil from Italy, grain beverages from Ukraine, nuts from Vietnam, and Cyprus. Exhibits with national characteristics, such as fruit juices, have been simultaneously displayed in G-Super stores nationwide.