Home Business France borrows from the fair to launch a “gourmet attack” on Chinese consumers
France borrows from the fair to launch a "gourmet attack" on Chinese consumers

France borrows from the fair to launch a “gourmet attack” on Chinese consumers

by YCPress

10 French food companies made a collective appearance at the 3rd China International Import Expo held here on the 6th, launching a “gourmet offensive” against Chinese consumers.

“France pursues a wider presence on the CIIE platform, and food is an important starting point.” said Luo Liang, the French ambassador to China who came to Shanghai from Beijing to participate in related activities of the third CIIE.

He said that food is the leading industry in France and occupies an important position in exports. The CIIE will be a good platform to promote food trade between France and China.

“French cuisine has unique genes, especially with many geographical indication products. They not only represent high-quality and reliable hygiene and safety, but also contain a unique cultural and spiritual sentiment. I hope to borrow from the Expo platform to promote French delicacies are delivered to Chinese consumers’ plates.” He said.

In Luo Liang’s view, by hosting the CIIE, China has sent a message to the world that it is willing to consume more foreign products. As far as the food industry is concerned, Chinese consumers are becoming more and more interested in diversified products and paying more and more attention to food safety, “and this is exactly the advantage of France.”

In order to form a synergy in the promotion of food in China, the French Business and Investment Agency, which organized 10 food companies to participate in the CIIE, named this “food offensive” “Taste of France” and gave this brand excellence, safety, joy, The value concept of origin and innovation strives to meet the diverse needs of Chinese consumers.

Frenchman Ma Tengyun is the brand manager of Bordeaux Premium United Liquor Group. He speaks fluent Chinese and communicates with buyers of the CIIE. He said that this is the first time for this French liquor brand to participate in the CIIE, with the purpose of finding Chinese importers and distributors. He said that when it comes to Bordeaux, people may first think of red wine, but the product we promote is Bordeaux sparkling wine. “This wine is brewed using traditional brewing methods and secondary fermentation. It has a very strong aroma and a bit sweet taste. I think it will be welcomed by Chinese consumers.”

The reporter saw at the CIIE that the 10 French food companies that collectively appeared at the 3rd CIIE, some of them are family companies that have passed on for generations, and some are exhibiting through Chinese agents. The related products involve wine, milk powder, fruits, and seafood. Products, etc., including the famous Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Art Academy.

According to reports, more than 80 French companies participated in the third CIIE, including Schneider Electric, Decathlon and Danone. Luo Liang said that the global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a serious impact on personnel exchanges between French and Chinese companies, especially participation in exhibitions. “French companies will first rely on the joint venture and cooperation resources that have been established in China to participate in the conference. We hope that the epidemic will be controlled as soon as possible and the normal flow of transnational personnel will resume as soon as possible,