Home LifestyleHealth Called weight loss, anti-cancer?! This Korean explosive products, and then expose quality problems!
Called weight loss, anti-cancer?! This Korean explosive products, and then expose quality problems!

Called weight loss, anti-cancer?! This Korean explosive products, and then expose quality problems!

by YCPress

As people’s health concerns increase under the outbreak, “krill oil” in the korean market, sales are booming. But at the same time, various problems are frequently exposed, causing consumer concerns. Recently, the korea food and drug safety department issued a batch of hot krill oil inspection results, some products have purity and publicity does not match, as well as exaggerated efficacy and other issues.

Reporters came to Seoul’s well-known new village business circle makeup shop, observed that the health food area are placed in the recent popular products krill oil, the above picture of the reporter holding a red capsule is one of them, by a plankton called krill extract, containing fatty acids and a variety of trace elements, similar to fish oil.

South Korea Food and Pharmaceutical Safety Department recently on the market hot 26 products marked krill oil purity of 100% inspection, found that four products are mixed with soybean oil and other cheap oil, krill oil content is only about 70%, two of which are also sold on China’s e-commerce platform. At present, the Korean Consumer Institute has asked the relevant manufacturing and circulation enterprises to return the problem products, and will be punished.

This is not the first time South Korean krill oil has been exposed to problems. Earlier, more than a quarter of krill oil sold in the South Korean market had been ordered to be recalled and destroyed for antioxidants, containing banned substances, etc., once topped the hot search list in South Korea, causing widespread controversy. In addition, exaggerated product efficacy, said krill oil can lose weight, treatment of cardiovascular disease, and even anti-cancer advertising has been banned. Although the relevant departments in South Korea have been investigated many times, several times rectification, but because a large number of advertisements posted on the network, regulatory difficulties, so that many consumers are still not clear krill oil is only a general food, mistaken for a health care products.

In order to eliminate misunderstanding, the relevant departments in South Korea also recently for the online shopping platform sales of the top 20 krill oil products, the main nutrients of omega 3 testing, the results show that all products Omega 3 content is far from meeting the minimum requirements of health care products, some product content even only 5% of the standard of health care products, enough to prove that krill oil health benefits are far from enough.

Although krill oil has only entered the Korean market for more than two years, but South Korea has become one of the main consumers of krill oil, the rapid development of the market, a wide range of krill oil products are also emerging, but for krill oil products norms have not kept up. South Korea’s Food and Drug Safety Department recently said that it is stepping up the development of krill oil ingredients unified testing methods and systematic quality inspection system, will be as soon as possible to improve the relevant standards, strengthen product supervision.

Here again remind consumers that krill oil does not have disease treatment, prevention and other effects, can not replace drugs, whether in South Korea or China, has not been approved as a health care products, in the purchase also need to be cautious.