Home Politics Bolton jumped out: Republican bigwigs, quickly admit that Trump has lost
Bolton jumped out: Republican bigwigs, quickly admit that Trump has lost

Bolton jumped out: Republican bigwigs, quickly admit that Trump has lost

by YCPress

Trump’s loyal “iron fan” “invaded” Washington last Saturday, in response to his alleged “election fraud” allegations, and broke out physical clashes with opponents that night. The US media described the country as “two narratives that are difficult to reconcile.” 

Faced with the situation where Mars is heading out, John Bolton, a former national security adviser who has been at odds with Trump for a long time, came out to speak.

Bolton said on the 15th local time that the top Republicans should come forward to admit that Biden won the election and “educate” voters to stop the “brainless” behavior and cool the situation. “I think this is a character test for the Republican Party.”

In this regard, Trump yelled Bolton on Twitter that night as a “idiot” and “will yell at war.”

Bolton accepted an interview on the 15th local time, calling on the Republicans to recognize Biden’s victory.

The American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that after the media “official announcement”, Biden had already delivered a victory speech last week, and his transition team also began to work under heavy resistance. But Trump still refused to admit defeat. He said at the first press conference after his “lost election” on the 13th, “Who knows what will happen to the next administration?”

Bolton appeared on ABC’s program on the 15th to discuss the negative impact of Trump’s non-recognition of defeat on US national security. When asked what he thinks of the thousands of Trump supporters who held the “Make America Great One Million Parade” in Washington DC on the 14th, Bolton shouted the Republican Party, hoping that they would “educate” voters and admit that Trump has “failed.” :

“Our voters are not as stupid as the Democrats think. I think it is very necessary for the top Republicans to explain to voters that Trump has actually lost the election and his allegations of’election fraud’ are groundless.”

Bolton: Our voters are not as stupid as the Democratic Party thought

Bolton believes that the Trump camp is now equivalent to playing a game of “throwing a coin”. They filed lawsuits in all key battlefield states, but they were constantly dismissed. “Where is the evidence? I think as time goes by, it becomes more and more obvious that they have no (‘election fraud’) evidence at all.”

Regarding the controversy surrounding the election results, the Republican Party is still on the same front with Trump: Senate leader McConnell refused to recognize Biden’s victory, saying that “President Trump has 100% power to investigate allegations of election irregularities, and Weigh his legal options.” Senator Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz and other Trump allies also echoed the US President’s allegations of “election fraud”.

Only four Republican senators, plus the only surviving former Republican President George W. Bush, have congratulated Biden on the public development. According to statistics from the National Broadcasting Corporation on the 11th, there are also seven Republicans in the Senate and House of Representatives who expressed a relatively euphemistic position, that Trump should publish evidence of “fraud” and the Biden team should be allowed to carry out the handover.

The vast majority of Republicans have either remained silent or insisted that Trump has the right to wait until the outcome of the lawsuit is announced.

Suspected Trump supporters were beaten on the streets of Washington DC

Bolton said that the Republican Party would eventually “accept the reality”, describing this as a “character test of the Republican Party”; as long as the top leaders of the party come forward and explain clearly, he believes that voters who support the Republican Party will not make trouble.

Speaking of Trump’s response to the election results, Bolton said based on his understanding of the former, “This is too in line with Trump’s character.” “I don’t expect Trump to concede defeat with dignity, but he will eventually give up.” Until then, “he (Trump) will try to make the Biden administration in the handover uncomfortable.” Safety caused injury.

Bolton served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Bush Jr., and served as the Trump administration’s national security adviser from 2018 to 2019. He is known for his ultra-conservative stance. He was once described as the “hawk of the hawks”. He was fired because of disagreements with Trump on issues such as the Iranian nuclear, North Korea, and Afghanistan (Bolton claimed to have voluntarily submitted his resignation).

After leaving office, Bolton no longer concealed his dissatisfaction with Trump, and published a blockbuster memoir exposing scandals in the decision-making circles of the current US government, which caused intense media attention and was criticized by Trump for “traitors” and “illegal leaks of secrets.” . Bolton also publicly stated that Trump “should not be president” and his re-election would harm the United States and he would not vote for Trump.

Regarding Bolton’s interview on the 15th, Trump unceremoniously “fired” on Twitter that night, calling Bolton “one of the stupidest officials I have been’fortunate’ to work with.”

“A guy with a sullen face, dull and silent, who has no useful contribution to the concept of national security, will shout’Hey, let’s go to war’, and illegally leak a lot of confidential information. What an idiot.”

Trump criticized Bolton for “only thinking of launching war in the field of national security”