Home Politics Obama bluntly said: “American opponents have seen us weaken”
Obama bluntly said: "American opponents have seen us weaken"

Obama bluntly said: “American opponents have seen us weaken”

by YCPress

November 16 Former US President Barack Obama recently a guest of a file talk show in the US media broadcast the 15th local time. Obama said bluntly on the show: “The opponents of the United States have seen us weakening.”

Based on US “Capitol Hill” and CBS News, Obama was a guest on the “60 Minutes” interview program produced and broadcast by CBS. During the interview, the host Scott Pelley asked how to evaluate it. What do U.S. opponents think about “the U.S. government has made no progress during the transition period”?

“I think America’s opponents have seen our weakness, not just because of the results of the election, but the results of the past few years.” Obama said, “Our country has differences and they can take advantage of this. There is an old saying that politics should stop at the water’s edge (meaning that parties should maintain unity in foreign policy).”

The “Capitol Hill” pointed out that since the US media announced Biden’s “victory”, Trump has refused to make concessions and said that there was “widespread voter fraud.” 

Obama believes that Trump’s attitude towards the election and the reaction of Republicans in Congress will continue to have an impact in the United States.